Friday, January 2, 2009

My Resolution

I don't really make New Year's Resolutions - I make Next Baby Resolutions. You know, stuff I want to get done before "this baby shows up". These goals are usually scrapbooking orientated, or maybe home improvement goals (you know, for Aaron.)

While pregnant with Ben, my big goal was to finish Leah's baby (first year) album. I was way behind with it because we moved to Fargo when she was 6 weeks old, so of course I had barely done anything at that point. And of course, after moving it takes a few months to get the house established enough to begin working on the albums again, and by THAT point I had an active pre-toddler on my hands. So yeah. The baby album was sorely neglected.

Then Leah started gymnastics, and my mom was thrilled to take her! Ben was still taking morning naps for a while there, so I'd stay home with him and watch Regis & Kelly while I worked on Leah's album. I ended up doing the last pages of it about a month before Ben was due. Then I even got a couple pages in HIS baby album pre-done! I was impressed with myself.

This time around, Ben's baby album is done. Of course, he is almost 3.

Leah's baby album is still done (whew!) but I also want to do an album from her 2nd to 3rd birthdays, and then another from her 3rd to 4th - or maybe stick them all in one, and then start another album from her 5th birthday. IN ANY CASE, I have scrapbooked up until she was about 18 months old. Now she's almost 5. I am a bit behind.

Also, I just had developed almost 400 photos for our family album, which usually I try to keep updated to within a couple months. But if you've been reading here for awhile, you know that this year has involved a knee surgery (for Aaron, not me), two moves, and lots of family visits. Which is all fine - but I haven't developed photos OR scrapbooked since January, when I packed everything up to get ready to sell the house. Hence the 400 photos.

So, my goals? Here they are, to keep me accountable:

1) Catch up on my family album.

2) Get each of the kids' albums to within a year.

To take action on these goals, I had those photos developed (cause it's hard to scrapbook without them) and I'm planning an evening next week to have friends over to scrapbook. Now, to get those photos organized a bit...that's a goal for today.


Blue Castle said...

I have faith in you - you can do it. :)

I may need to make the same resolution. I haven't scrap booked in nearly 5 years. Yikes.

Noel said...

I'd say for the added motivation of a deadline, schedule an EsFest where you will show these completed albums...say, the first week of June ;-)

We pulled out the scrapbooks for our girls' early years on one of these recent snowy December weekends and shared some good memories. The albums are a lasting legacy. One of my lingering to-do's is to take high resolution pictures of the albums (eg 8-10 megapixel) to improve shareability and also to have off-site back-ups in case of fire, tornado, flood, etc. I suppose with CMs new digital scrapbooks, that aspect is taken care of.

Lyz said...

Thanks, Blue Castle. I'll need that encouragement!

Noel - Scanning the album pages onto disc would really help...and you're right - that is one of the big selling points of the digital albums.

Noel said...

For those of us with kids from the olden days, there is also the impending physical degredation and technical obsolescing of VHS tapes of baby's first days and years...another conversion project for all that free time.

Suzi said...

Ok, I just watched some of Dr. Phil today and he was talking about how people can keep their resolutions. One of the points was that you have to be specific.

So I think you need to rewrite #1 to be more specific. Really, what does "catch up" mean. That could mean 2 pages. Set the goal and go get 'em. You can do it!!!

Btw, I can't believe you've only done Leah's up to 18 months, and I thought I was bad. Lincoln's is finished up to 3 years. Miranda's I will be starting soon. I'll do her first 2 years normal scrapbook style, then I might try digital.

Lyz said...

Geez, Suzi! Take it easy on me! Okay, I'll define "catch up" as I know it for that album - be within a month or two.

I know, it's really too bad that I'm so far behind on Leah's album. I actually did some pages this summer, so I'm up to when Ben was born - she'd be almost 2. But I've moved! C'mon, I should get some slack for that!:)

Suzi said...

Ok, I'll cut you a little slack. You do other types of albums too don't you? Plus other projects and moving and all that. I really don't have an excuse. Collectively I'm 4.5 years behind, so I got lots of work to do. When Lincoln was little I decided I wasn't going to do family albums. That'd be too much work. So the kids each get their own albums and it has LOTS of pictures in them.

Besides, Dr. Phil doesn't know everything, although he seems to act like it sometimes! :)