Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I want a freezer.

Yes, I KNOW that it's pretty much been minus zero temps around here for the last month or so. But really, I don't like depending on my garage as overflow for our chest freezer. The bag of chicken out there surely doesn't like it, either.

Let me back up. When we moved in to this lovely house, just one of the "discoveries" was that the fridge is extra-fancy. It is a counter-depth, glass front fridge with a vacuum-sealed door that at times could challenge a body-builder. AND it does not include a freezer section.

Thankfully we had a small chest freezer from the old house, so we put that in the space that the former owners had used for an extra-large upright freezer. And I started dreaming. An upright freezer...yessss, my preee-ciousss.... That lovely food-storage unit would solve so many problems.

1) The chicken could come in from the garage.
2) I would have at least a better chance of finding those smaller items - like packages of cheese, for instance.
3) The Schwan Man wouldn't think I was leading him on - "Really, sir, I'd order if I had room to store it!"
4) Aaron could bust out some cabinets next to the washer/dryer, we'd put that freezer in that space, and Abracadabra! We'd have a ton more space in our back entry. So. Easy.
5) When I'm craving a big pretzel (like now!) I could maybe have a hope of finding it. Without digging for half an hour.


Noel said...

We like the 2nd fridge and the upright freezer in our back hall. I'll second your motion for an upright freezer.

You forgot to mention that a freezer can also be used to warm things up that you bring in from outside.

Kim said...

Don't count on being able to find things. But, at least in an upright you don't have to stand on your head or worry about 2 year olds falling in.

Blue Castle said...

A fridge without a freezer? That's interesting. I hope you get a freezer soon. I hate to admit this, but we have two fridges (with freezers) and one small chest freezer. All that freezer space is full. I couldn't fit anything more if I tried. An upright freezer is way better than a chest one. I hate bending over and digging to the bottom to find something.

Ruth said...

it's hard for me to sympathize, as right now, i'd love to be able to afford enough food to fill ONE small freezer.

but we understand, we understand. and i also like the upright. the horizontal ones give me flashbacks of an entire cow wrapped in individual butcher paper packages. and also a couple muskrat hides thrown in for good measure.

wow, that made me sound like a hic.

Noel said...

Even in the sophisticated suburbs of St Paul MN, I grew up with butcher paper cow parts and muskrats in the freezer, too.

Lyz said...

Well, I'm glad you all approve of the upright freezer! And Kim, don't worry, I've already been planning organization methods for the thing.
Ruth - don't forget the paper milk cartons with chickens in them. Those were classy.:)

Suzi said...

I wish I had one too. We have that 2nd fridge/freezer in the garage. But once the temp goes below 35 degrees, the freezer stops working. Since my kitchen freezer is full, I have a cooler out on the deck. But our deck is right outside the kitchen. Works ok for a little overflow.

Remember with the Schwans man. Once you invite them they never seem to go away!

Aaron said...

Upright freezers may be more convenient, but chest freezers are more efficient. When you open up an upright one, guess where all that sinking cold air goes? Right onto your cold little tootsies. With a chest freezer, it just sits there, in a bathtub of frigidity.

Lyz said...

Suzi - sounds like you need a new freezer, too! We got ours at Sam's.

Aaron - Oh yes, I know a chest freezer is more efficient...for the FREEZER. But what about all that food that's being wasted at the bottom? Surely that is a cost to figure in.

Mama Misty said...

Totally can relate. An upright freezer is the best invention known to moms. I know a woman who had a chest freezer as big as a whale and in about 1995 she cleaned it out (or rather had someone do it for her) and low and behold on the bottom were mints from her daughter's wedding in 1969. True story! Keep praying, you'll find the right one for you!

sandhiya said...

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