Monday, April 14, 2008

and....Breathe out.

I know you've been holding your breath, Internet, so I'll update you on our house search.

That inspection we were worried about? Turns out it was fine, but the buyers hadn't put there offer on paper yet, so they were still having it shown. Also, it needed:

wallpaper removed in almost every room
new stove
new kitchen ceiling
and yes, new kitchen sink.

also, although the flooring on the main floor was nice, there was TURQUOISE carpet on the steps and upstairs hallway. And other lovely colors in the bedrooms.

And the basement? Oh, fine, except for the built in TANNING BED and sauna. And the family room that had been a dance studio - mirrored walls and a barre on one end. And large scary hooks in the ceiling that I'm hoping held boxing bags and not hunks of meat.

To be fair, it was a big house with a great yard, and it had good "bones", but if we put the $30,000 into it that it needed, it would outrank it's neighborhood. So, another pass.

Aaron and I had a date of sorts (left the kids at Grandma's & Grandpa's) and looked at open houses Sunday afternoon, after which we agreed a stiff drink might be necessary. Seeing as Aaron has never had an alcoholic drink, this was an exceptional situation. We didn't have that drink, of course, but we did try new Green Tea Ginger Ale. We are sooo bad. But that ale is goood.

I was so depressed about our housing search that I brought home with me a stack of blueprint magazines. Yikes. The next step is Prozac, folks.


Ruth said...

um, i have an idea of what those hooks were for. but i'm not going to say it.

anything with a tanning bed in it makes me say---ewwwww.

Noel said...

which brings us to

(19) Potential buyer realized that the 20th century ended 8 years ago and that perhaps decorating from the 70s, 80s, and 90s may no longer be desireable and that an upgrade was expensive.

While I missed the exact details of (19), some of the decorating from especially the 70s (turquois carpeting?) may have fallen into my "radiation exceding 4 picocuries/L" hypothesis.