Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brain status: Fried

Here's a list (of course) of reasons why I'm functioning at lower than normal brain levels:

1) We spent all of Sunday afternoon going to open houses. With the kids. Fortunately, they both took good naps while we took turns going in.

2) We found two houses we liked!

3) House #1: on a huge wooded lot. 4 level split, with no area big enough for an Estrogen Fest. Also, the space for a washer/dryer that's not actually big enough for them make me a little concerned about the forethought of the builder.

4) House #2: built in 1968, and has most likely original flooring and wall coverings. But, it is huge, in a good neighborhood, on a bigger lot (with trees), and has a cool 70's vibe to it. The built-ins are nice enough to keep. Not so with the Scottish plaid carpeting.

5) Did I mention the original kitchen in desperate need of an overhaul and expansion?

6) And that we are actually considering taking this all on?

7) Which will require the services of an interior designer?

8) Of which I know nothing about?

9) Leah has two playdates tomorrow, plus gymnastics.

10) Thursday (usually our day for looking at houses - Aaron's day off) I have a dentist appt., we have an appointment to discuss our church's building campaign, and Aaron has an eye checkup.

11) All before 2pm.

12) The kids are having their photos (click here - that's Leah & my belly!) taken Friday morning. Their mother has not yet purchased their shirts for the portrait together, or thought much more about it. (see items 1-11).

13) Leah's princess birthday is in 10 days. Here's her ideal schedule: Princess party (as Sleeping Beauty, natch) at 10am, lunch at Chuck E. Cheese, and the family over for a pancake dinner. I say two out of three is perfect.

14) In between the first and last items on her birthday schedule, I'm signed up to work at the MOMS club annual garage sale for two hours. For which I have not yet priced my 5 boxes of stuff.

15) Then there's the longer term issues of Aaron's knee surgery and resulting 4 weeks on crutches, closing on this house, and packing and moving to an undisclosed (and unknown) location. In exactly a month.

Good friend L. has volunteered to call and remind me of any events that may occur before we actually move into a house.


It has come to this.

I need a personal assistant.



Stacie Anderson said...

Wow Lyz. I think you need a good therapist, not an assistant. Are you sure you want to come over tomorrow & watch my kids?! I think you're in need of a good nap!

Noel said...

Top 15 reasons you'll know you're busy when....

JJ and EJ said...

I'll be praying for you! Let us know how we can help when we come for Leah's bday party.

Aaron said...

Just buy a house already! More kid stories!

mama.nichols4 said...

Well, I'd offer to help ya out but I don't think I'd be much help, in any way, shape or form. Just remember that this too will pass, and life will have so much more meaning after you've endured these trials. (even if it means you have to grow back some hair that you've pulled out along the way. :)

Lyz said...

Dear super-sensitive/understanding brother Aaron:


(That's from MY Aaron, who high-fived me for his cleverness.)