Thursday, April 10, 2008

Conversations with My Sweetie

(on the phone yesterday at noon)

Me: Are you coming home for lunch? Cause I have some news, and if you're not coming home I'll just tell you now.

- brief pause-

Me: I'm NOT pregnant, by the way.

Aaron: Haha, well that's good.

(this morning over breakfast)

Aaron: I don't think you'd like to be married to someone who was home more than I am.

Me: Me either.

Aaron: I'm right on the edge now.

For the record. I love that Aaron's job allows him to take time off pretty much whenever he wants...but he's not salaried, so he does have to work some if he wants a paycheck. He has Thursday off regularly, and this week had Monday off because he worked all weekend, and then took Tuesday off for Ben's birthday.

(Aaron would like me to explain that he also has to work some evenings & nights during the week, in addition to the dreaded work weekend. Also, those days off need to be requested 2 months in advance. It's not like he's Mr. Luxury over here, folks.)

Yes, SAHM's out there, I know I'm spoiled. All this, and a mom who lives in town and happily provides free childcare (almost) whenever asked. What more can a girl ask for?

How about the perfect house in the perfect location? Just sayin'.

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