Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stealing an Idea

Carmen over at Mom to the Screaming Masses posted about this today, so I thought I would too. Because I am about 1/32 as cool as she is.

Five classes I wish I'd taken in school:

Let's start with the basics:

Advanced English. My little high school had only one English class, and I was that kid reading a novel up until class started. Then, instead of following along while the class read yet another story out loud, I was flipping back in the textbook reading something else. So of course, when it was my turn to read I had no idea where we were. I also had the same English teacher all four years of high school. And because almost every class B school in North Dakota was the same as mine, I had no idea what I was missing out on until I got to my teacher education courses and realized that To Kill a Mockingbird was required reading in pretty much every school, except mine. I found it on my own in the school library.

How to Not Get Crabby When Your Expected Nap Doesn't Happen. Fairly self explanatory. But man, would that class have helped me today.

Make a Meal in 30 minutes with What You Have in the Pantry. What meal-preparer wouldn't wish for these credits? After this class, the next levels would be Make a Meal...Freezer, Refrigerator...Advanced course, Garage.

Math: Love it Forever! This class would ensure your fascination with numbers of all types. Never again would your head spin with the discussion of anything financial or statistical.

Foreign Languages are Your Friend. Again, one of those courses that would make it possible for the student to pick up a new language within days, no, hours! of exposure. Imagine the demand for this course...I could actually travel and not feel like a fool. And I really hate feeling like a fool.

Unending Creative Play for the Motivated Mother. For every mom who doesn't think they can keep up with their children's complaints of boredom, or desire for "something fun to do", this class will give you a limitless number of ideas for fun for your kids...with and without you. This is my second million-dollar idea. If ONLY it was possible. That would help.


The Lovely Wife said...

yeah could have used the class on making meals with what is the pantry tonight....I forgot to take the meat out of the freezer. OOoops. Good thing we had leftover spahgeti in the fridge.

Aaron said...

I'm pretty sure that if Mr. Ross had taught math, everybody would like it more.

Noel said...

Can't argue with the list, but I do have one comment and one addition.

The commment is that I have "Learn German in Your Car" CDs which I use for practice while tooling around Fargo. I usually have to be alone since the rest of the family doesn't want to learn German while in the minivan. For parents of preschoolers, it might also serve as a threat to having to replay a CD of preschool songs for the umpteenth time today..."You can listen to your CD again if daddy can practice his German first meinen kinder".

The addition would be "Raising Kids Who Face Math Without Tears" which would very helpful for parents helping kids a bit uncomfortable with calculating the number of grand-babies an elephant mom could have (the problem I was presented with when I got home last night at 10:30).