Friday, April 18, 2008

Mommy Power

No, I'm not talking about caffeine again. And I haven't gotten hooked up with any Valium...yet.

Today has presented two instances of classic Mommy Power. You know, that power we wield over our children that makes them bend to our will. Occasionally.

Like today, as we were leaving our monthly MOMS club meeting. Those of us without places to be afterwards, and without children already too stir crazy to attempt it, we will sometimes go the McDonald's down the street for lunch. You don't have to be a mother for long before you learn to never ever say that restaurant's name unless you plan to either: A) teach your children that they can't have everything they ask for and brace yourself for 20 minutes of gold-medal quality whining, or B) actually go there.

As we are leaving the building, I surreptitiously ask MOM Amy, "Are you going out for lunch?" Amy says yes, she is, and when I (even more) surreptitiously ask where, she says, "MD's". I nod, and the plan is made. As we continue walking, it becomes apparent that most of those around us are also headed that way, so I ask Leah, "Hey Leah, would you like to have lunch at McDonald's?"

Leah: YES! Hey Amelia! (Amy's daughter) We're going to have lunch at McDonald's! Do you want to come, too?

Amelia: Yes!

Of course, if they hadn't been going, I wouldn't have mentioned it in front of Amelia at all. Everyone was happy, and the girls thought they were in charge. I love it. Sometimes this mom stuff is too easy, if you have some training as a spy.

Episode #2: The kids are playing in the backyard while I'm making dinner. From the window (which is open) I see Ben at his favorite game: dump dirt from the garden bed onto the ground. Since we're not living here much longer, we're not getting too worked up about it, but I don't want him to empty the thing either, so I yell, "Ben! Stop dumping the dirt on the ground! Keep it in the garden!"

He turns, looking rather surprised. His mommy, whom he can't see, is clearly omniscient. Better obey that lady.

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