Sunday, April 6, 2008

Here's to Salty Ocean Breezes

The gals from tonight's MP (I guess they dropped the "Theater" part...) Sense & Sensibility spent a lot of time on cliffs overlooking a rocky ocean shore...which, by the way, never happened in the book. But don't get me started...this was a great adaptation, and although it's not entirely word-for-word, it does keep the important plot points and stays faithful to JA's intentions...and you know, folks, that's really the important stuff.
I really enjoyed it, and thought the parts were well cast. I love how this story has two sisters so close in their relationship, but so opposite in their display of emotion. Elinor doesn't want to reveal anything, and Marianne feels that if she truly feels a certain way, she should be free to show it. It's not hard to see a plot for a romance novel here. Just add a dashing cad, a stoic officer, and a tongue-tied clergyman, and you've got yourself a great start. All you need now is an enthusiastic mama, a nasty mother-in-law, and a few other materialistic ladies, and you're set.
All that salt air blowing the Dashwood skirts around made me think of our visit last fall to Cape Cod for my brother Aaron and SIL Kate's wedding. We got to go to the local beach a few times, which my little family enjoyed thoroughly. Let me share proof:
Leah loved the seashells, and we even managed to get some home. Safely.

Ben did what every little boy before him has done when seeing the ocean for the first time: tried to fill it with rocks.

My little wordless boy has always had an expressive face, and I'm just glad I caught this one! I can't believe what he can do with his eyebrows. Surely he takes after Uncle Aaron.

This is my "Super Mom" pose. Mostly because Ben really wanted to investigate the piles of seagull poop instead of take photos.

Auntie Ruth says it looks like Aaron and Leah are ready for their shift at Target.

This series of photos has already been hinted at by Uncle Aaron. Above is Ben happy, just moments before...

...tripping and falling flat in the water, just deep enough to thoroughly soak his entire front. He was not happy. And no, it was not good. But Mommy still had time to take a photo or two before hypothermia set in.

As you can see, there was no harm done, and Ben got dry clothes after the quick ride back to our temporary home. And really, a diaper and socks is all you really need.

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Noel said...

I was also attracked to the ocean side scenes in S&S. I dislike sand beaches, so the rocks and waves brought forth memories of my beloved Lake Superior where I get to read books and reflect on life once a year. I wonder if the home shown in MP is available for rent...