Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Barreling Into the Terrible Twos

Our Benjamin is officially a two year old today. Yesterday he got his hair cut AGAIN, and today was his big Elmo party, and we celebrated with friends and family.

Since I really am a teacher at heart, one birthday tradition I've started is writing a birthday quiz. Ben's is below, and I'll put the answers at the end, so you can see how well you did! If you are not an intimate friend of Ben's, don't worry. You can probably do alright by just guessing.

Ben’s 2nd Birthday Quiz

First, some review:
1) How much did Ben weigh at birth?
2) How many days before his due date was he born?
3) Who shares his birthday?
Now, some new stuff:
4) Ben loves to put on: a) his clothes b) shoes c) boots d)diapers

5) Ben likes to eat meat with: a) potatoes b)his fingers c)a fork d)Leah

6) Which won’t Ben eat? : a) rice b) pasta c) bread d)potatoes

7) How many haircuts has Ben had? : a) 0 b) 2 c) 4 d) 6

8) Ben’s favorite licensed character/theme is: a) Elmo b)Cars (movie) c)Dora

9) Ben is most shy of strange: a) women b)men

10) Ben cannot yet: a) jump with both feet b) stand on one foot
a. c) climb onto the couch d) swing a golf club right handed

11) Ben can usually be found with _______________ in his hands.
a) food b) his blankie c) two cars d) a sippy cup

12) Ben’s favorite game to play with Leah is:
a) run down the hall b) pull her hair c) golf d) tag

13) Ben’s first word was: a) puppy b) ball c) baby d) mama

14) Ben loves: a) babies b) cars c) Leah d) golf e) all of the above

Okay, students, be sure to check your work and pass your quiz to the person sitting behind you. Now get out your red pens:

1)7 pounds, 13 ounces (actually 12.9, but I always round it up.)
2)7 days. Just like his sister. Apparently I have a 39 week gestation period instead of 40.
3)Auntie Ruth and Uncle Aaron. Happy Birthday! (And congrats on the job, too, Ruthie!)

4)shoes. Boots you have to force on, and it seems that he thinks his clothes are on fire at times. Folks, we have a nudist in the making.
5) a fork. Oh, he'll eat it with his fingers, too, but for awhile he WOULDN'T eat meat unless it was on a fork.
6) potatoes. Don't know why. French fries are about the only type he likes.
7)4. Yes, I know. He should have had more.
8) Elmo. That furry red monster is like baby crack. They just can't get enough of him.
9)women. For some reason, strange women make him completely flabbergasted.
10) swing a golf club with his right hand. He ONLY swings left handed.
11)two cars. Like a security blanket, with wheels.
12)run down the hall. After waiting in a sprinter's stance for you to say "Ready, Set, GO!"
13) ball. And when was this first word? Oh yes. One month ago.
14) all of the above. He is a very affectionate child, and truly loves babies. Which is totally fine, until he sticks his finger in their eye. Purposefully.

Ben's favorite person in the world, outside of family, is probably baby P. who conveniently happens to be Leah's best friend M.'s little brother. Both kids plus Mom Stacie came over. I don't think the girls had one moment of fun, since M. kept invading Leah's THREE FEET of personal space with her blower-thingy. The nerve of the girl.

Every kid should have a photo of just them with their folks on their birthday. If only said kid would look at the camera. Note that gorgeous, homemade cake! Homemade, that is, with a boxed mixed, a can of white frosting, and a tube of red frosting. And some decor from Cake and Candy World here in town. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Ben loved it, and that's what counts, too.

He loved it right up until the whole crowd started singing "Happy Birthday". And then his fight-or-flight instincts took over, and he tried to burrow into Daddy.

Cue the presents. Once Ben got the idea that Mommy wasn't going to yell at him for ripping the beautiful newspaper gift wrap, he was obviously thrilled. This demonstration included yelling and jumping.

Our house has now been christened with our very first Tickle Me Elmo. The TMX version, no less. Before you start pointing fingers, I'll admit that I purchased Elmo myself, and at half price. Have you seen this dude? Ben has, and he's clearly concerned. Not only is Elmo half his size, he seems to be nearly alive. Elmo talks, laughs, bends over, falls on the ground, gets back up again, begs for a break, and even hiccups at one point. There is reason to be concerned, obviously.
The girls? Not so worried. Grandma GiGi even wants one of her own.

Folks, this is why parents give kids presents. Because your kids just don't give you these kinds of looks every day.


Ruth said...

yay for ben! yay for lots of PICTURESSSS! nice cake, liz!

kate said...

Happy Birthday Ben!
Even if I fall into question #9. Although in my instance I wouldn't say he was flabbergasted, but he simply ignored my existence.
Leah on the other hand, rules.

JJ and EJ said...

Happy Bday Ben! heehee, I agree, I totally fall into #9 as well, no matter how much I try (or maybe it's because I try so hard.... hmmmmm....)

Suzi said...

Happy Birthday to Ben. I loved to cake too.

I was really struck by those pictures you posted from the trip to the east coast. It wasn't really that long ago, but he has now lost that baby face and is starting to look more like a big boy. Seeing him all the time, I guess I never noticed, but now after seeing the birthday photos next to the trip ones, I really noticed it.

They grow up too fast

mama.nichols4 said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Can't wait to see you next time. Tara, and the boys.. :)

Aaron said...

Happy late birthday Ben! I was in Atlanta without my cell phone and only had 10 minutes of internet/day! HOORAY FOR LIVING LIKE IT'S 15 YEARS AGO!