Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Come ON, people!

Today I have a bit of a bone to pick with certain members of the human race.
No, not you.

THESE people:
1) Random vandalizers
2) Unhelpful shoppers

Here’s my beef with these people. (Are there any vegetarian-friendly clich├ęs for arguments? Or do only carnivores have disagreements?)

1) This morning I took the garbage out to the corner and discovered that someone had bend over the realtor’s “For Sale” sign in our yard. And I mean bent the metal 90 degrees, right over onto the ground.

Now, I realize that the housing market is pretty tough right now with a lot of houses on the market, but I’m not really an advocate of solving a problem with violence. Especially wussy anonymous violence. If you feel that strongly about something, at least leave your name (preferably NOT in spray paint) so that we can continue the discussion.

This is actually the SECOND time something like this has happened. On a previous morning, I found our sign pulled out of the ground, lying on the grass.

I’m chalking this up to either a disgruntled home owner also trying to sell OR one of the drawbacks of living on a busy street with close-ish proximity to both the downtown area AND the university.

2) It was time to replace the battery in the van. It has died on us (with little provocation) twice – once while Aaron was listening to the radio, waiting for me to finish tidying up before the realty open house. We had to have the realtor give us a jump so we could leave. Aw-w-kward. The last time was the other day at Lowe’s – Aaron had left the lights on for the 20 minutes we were inside (swearing that there had been no warning alarm, of course!).

So we bought a new battery at Sears. Aaron had me bring the old one in today for recycling, and the $10 refund we’d get in return.

Have you ever carried a car battery? Those suckers are heavy. I don’t know if it weighed more than Ben, but it was quite a bit less helpful in the carrying, what with its lack of extremities wrapping around my waist and neck.

I parked as close to the appropriate door as possible without using Aaron’s handicapped parking tag (which I DID consider) and schlepped the thing across the road. Approaching the door just ahead of me were two young men. They ended up getting there about 2 or 3 long strides in front of me AND LET THE DOOR CLOSE.

Now, it has usually been my experience that even without a 20 lb. box in your hands, most people will hold the door for someone coming after them, or at least give it a shove in transition.
Considering my circumstances, I really expected this to be the case. It was not to be.

As if to counteract their lack of consideration, a girl heading OUT the same door saw me struggling to remove my sunglasses and then open the 2nd door, and hurried to open it for me. THANK YOU for accentuating the lack of consideration of the two guys. I thought it was just me.

Now if someone would just apologize to our innocent yard sign.


Blue Castle said...

It is amazing how rude people can be. Those two guys needed a bop upside the head. :) When I was 8 months pregnant with my first kid, I asked the guy two seats down from me on an airline flight, if I could exchange seats so I could have the aisle seat so I didn't have to crawl over 2 people to get to the bathroom(pregnancy-induced-weak bladder) he just looked right at me and asked "Why?". I was pretty disgusted. Like he couldn't see my big belly and figure it out? There are way too many oblivious, self-centered men today.

mama.nichols4 said...

I find it amazing how selfish people are at times. Don't get me wrong, I've had my share of doing things only to better myself, but honestly.. in those moments, we need to be reminded that helping others gives a nice warm fuzzy inside. :)

Not sure about the for sale sign.. seems a bit odd. You need to install a nanny cam for it! haha

Noel said...

We've had vandalism only once (tipped flower pots :-( in 18 years at our house which isn't too far from your temporary digs. I think it is the the apartments with young "adults" near you and the shortest path to a number of bars which contributes to your frequency....

Also, a reminder that back-up sump pump batteries should be changed every few years. One thing to not have the mini-van start when the house is to be shown, it is another to have an indoor wading pool as a newly added feature. Of course that requires a failure of the primary sump pump or primary power, but worse things have happened in Fargo... I did my sump battery exchange at Lowe's recently and used a cart in the parking lot to get it from the minivan to the customer service desk for my credit.

End of Public Service Announcement...

-- Noel