Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Photos of the Fourth: A Series

For the narration to go with these photos, see this post.

This photo (above) is the one taken just before a half-inch section of flaming sparkler landed in her lap. Her hands never left her ears, and fortunately my obsessive photo-taking was beneficial in this case, because no one else was close enough to do anything in time.

Ben takes a similar stance when confronted with dogs. Not in general, but if they get within about 10 feet of him, he starts trying to climb the parent lucky enough to be holding him. And it doesn't really matter the size or how "friendly" they are. The owner telling him, "He won't bite, he just wants to lick you," doesn't work either, and I don't really blame him. Most puppy tongues are almost the size of his face.
We have had lots of activity today, which I'll tell you all about later tonight.
Pins & needles, I know.


Ruth said...

ben is all meberg, but does not seem to be destined for the military (loud noises and all).

kate said...

Wow, isn't that picture of Ben with the cap that is way too tiny for his head EXACTLY like the pictures of Aaron (my Aaron) and his cap that was too tiny for his head from when he was a kid?
Aaron you'll have to chime in on this one. But I feel like I have entered the twilight zone.

Aaron said...

Kate, i thought the same thing. Ben is going to look GOOD when he gets older (but not until after junior high). Also, he will probably have an awesome beard.