Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Soakin' Up the Summer

Folks, I am pooped. Today has been exceptionally busy and energy-draining. Here's why:

1. Ben woke up about half and hour earlier than usual, so I missed out on that extra sleep.

2. My Mother-In-Law arrived at about 8am. She WAS expected. In fact, another reason I missed out on sleep is that I was nervous she was going to get lost and call for directions and I wouldn't hear the phone.

3. After MIL Bobbie got caught up on the kids' most recent accomplishments and Ben had given her two kisses (nearly a miracle...) I left her with them to get ready for the day.

And then the day began.

4. The four of us headed to downtown, where we stopped at Zandbroz, O'Day Cache, and a new teashop, Teaberry. Bobbie said she wanted to "just look at things" and the first two stores are great places to do this. Of course, we did buy a few things, too.

5. Zandbroz has a toy section that includes a train table set up for playing. Ben was in love with this thing. Which was great while we were there - Bobbie was free to peruse the lovely book section to her heart's content. Leaving, however, proved to be more difficult. Ben DID NOT want to leave the train table. I was the picture of the bad mom - I two, not three, warned, pretended to leave, all those things that make a parent look weak and puts the kid in charge.

And then I did what I should have done right away - I picked him up and started walking to the door. He shrieked and yelled and kicked, right up until he saw his stroller, which he loves. And then we were pretty much fine. Snacks and hats were given once we were outside, and all was well again.

6. We had a stroller for Leah, too, which was a lifesaver, especially at the O'Day Cache, which, despite the lovely owner saying "was a very kid-friendly store" most definitely was NOT. It had all sorts of lovely items from top to bottom, and a narrow aisle just wide enough for an umbrella stroller.

The most kid-friendly part was the free little tub of play-doh and bouncy balls that the kids got. Thanks!

7. On to Teaberry. Bobbie is really into coffee AND tea, and since I had just read this article today, it was THE place I wanted to take her. We each had a Boba tea, and since the place was empty at this time of day, the kids had free reign. The owner of this store again was a kid lover, because they got another freebie - little pineapple cakes! They ran around rolling their bouncy balls, which of course meant that one of them was lost forever. Fortunately it went unnoticed in the hustle of heading out to our next stop.

8. We shot off next to a Chinese buffet near Aaron's work to meet him for lunch, although he didn't make it there for another half hour.

9. After lunch, I us to the golf course where Father-In-Law Clarence & BIL Josh were done playing in a golf tournament. We loaded them and their clubs up and headed to the hotel where Josh and his wife Erica are staying tonight. On the way, I gave them the driving tour of our new house & neighborhood.

10. We finally got home at about 2pm, and the Parents In Law headed home. Josh entertained the kids for a bit while I decompressed. Then I started getting the kids ready for our NEXT excursion - a MOMS club backyard play.

11. We arrive at the hostess's house, and Leah, already in her swimsuit, hits the slip n slide right away. I think she talks to me 3 times in the next 2 hours.

12. Ben loves the water table, but doesn't want his suit on until an hour or so later. And his favorite toy? A freakishly realistic toy snake.

We had lots of fun, and there were a ton of babies least 5, all within a month of each other.

13. Home again, home again, jiggety jog. Dinner at home with Aaron & Josh, hanging out until SIL Erica arrives, and more hanging out.

Oh wait. I did get a couple of boxes packed in there. Cause this week isn't all fun and games, folks - we MOVE in just days.

Let THAT reality sink in for a minute.

I'm not quite sure how we're going to get out of this house without making a zillion and one trips. And I still need to dumpster dive for some more boxes.

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Aaron said...

Moving finally! So much fun! You guys should just throw a rager once you are all set up.