Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She's Still At It

Some friends were over helping us unload. Totally unprompted, while the kids are getting drinks of water, Leah looks right at A and says, "I live here, you know."

One of our neighbors loves our kids. She's a grandma-type who has already offered to babysit, and she's astute enough to realize that Ben is kind of shy and needs to warm up to new people. She looked at him the other day and said, "I'm just going to stop by every day for a few minutes until you get used to seeing me." What a great understanding of what kids need.

True to her word, this neighbor, P, dropped by today to warn us about some mouse poison they had put out. She also reminded Leah of the treats that she has at her house for when kids come to visit her.

After P left, Leah turned to me, and very seriously asked, "Mommy, what does 'Double-Stuff Oreos' mean?"


JJ and EJ said...

Yay for unpacking! I hope things are going well! Have a great time in Chicago, also!

Noel said...

Stick-vac for Lyz: $X
Golf cart for Aaron: $Y
Neighbor P for the kids: Priceless

and also maybe a "Plan C" for Lyz in case she is delayed getting back from Chicago (O'Hare) for a couple days if Aaron can't get off work and given my daughter T is at Bible Camp. At least housing in Chicago for those extra day(s) is known. A couple other Chicago to Fargo fun travel facts:

* It is hard or at least very expensive to get a one-way car rental to Fargo.

* Amtrak departs Chicago about 3:00 PM with a nice sunset view by the Mississippi and some narration on the first part of the journey, but arriving in Fargo about 3:00 AM.

* Bus service to Fargo from the east was down to twice a day and there is a departure from Minneapolis in the evening, getting into Fargo late.

Thank you for playing O'Hare Roulette and good luck!

Aaron said...

Leah has a wonderful world of discoveries ahead of her, apparently. First on the list apparently is "double-stuffed".

Ruth said...

doesn't know what double stuff oreos are?

obviously, she is not yet acquainted with the yellow-lidded white canister in grandma gg's cupboard. EVERYONE knows that's where she keep the doubles.

Noel said...

And as a supplement to my earlier comment:

*Greyhound charges $125 one way Chicago to Fargo

* Amtrak charges $184 one way Chicago to Fargo.

-- Noel who could have been in Chicago this week for the annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence but opted to be in Fargo where except on Tuesday he has been able to bike to work during the day and sleep in his own (queen sized) bed at night as well as get evenings with the family