Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From the Middle of the Maze

My house is total chaos. Right now I feel overwhelmed even THINKING about trying to make sense out of it.

My kitchen is my oasis (which is completely ironic, if you know how I feel about cooking). All the kitchen boxes discovered have been unpacked and distributed, and I can actually find the things I'm looking for - unless they are still boxed at Mom & Dad's. And I still have about 5 sets of empty cupboards. Target clearance, here I come!

I was organized tonight to make a fresh, homemade dinner tonight. Success!

Speaking of Target, I just returned from that wonderland with lovely delightful items that will hopefully make living in this crazy place a bit easier. Like a stick vacuum. Because Swiffering this floor is ridiculous.

Also, it is really dirty. Last night, after Mom and friend J helped me unpack assorted kitchen items, all six of our feet were black. Just from the kitchen tile floor. Yuck.

On Friday I escape. I am going to Chicago to visit my little sister BY MYSELF. No husband, no kids, just me and a hot-pink carry-on suitcase. Before I leave I have a long list of things to accomplish - like organizing the desk area and getting the kids' stuff out and situated. Also, Aaron has requested that I make a menu of sorts and make sure the groceries are in the house. I guess I can handle that - he's threatened McDonald's every night otherwise.

All I request of Ruth and BIL Tim in Chicago is that they don't have me open any cardboard boxes or decide where to put anything.

Anything except me on their couch, that is.


Noel said...

Ah yes, Mom leaves dad with two preschoolers for the weekend...those experiences make me shutter whenever I hear "...in the absence of our normal operations people, management personel will be filling in". Whether it is a home without a mom or an airline or manufacturer with striking (fill in the position), it ain't the same without the front line talent. Suboptimal things are sure to happen :-O

When my wife is gone these days, one of the vehement requests of the girls is that I can't make anything with tofu or Spam. You might consider that life-scaring artifact in your menu planning for Aaron & Co.

Ruth said...

woooo hoooo! an entire weekend in the living room playing Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix on Wii!!!

Hello, break.

nydampress said...

Congrats on the move! You certainly deserve the mini-vacation.
And again I feel sadness that we live so far from all y'all :(