Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sibling Relations

I'm in the kitchen, and I hear the kids come in the back door. Ben starts crying, sounding more important than the usual "I didn't get my WAAAAY!" whine.

They come into the kitchen, Ben rubbing his head and Leah saying, "I'm sorry, Ben."
Me: What happened?
Leah: (says something I can't hear over Ben's wailing)
Me: WHAT happened?
Leah: He acci-dentally didn't get his head through the door when I was closing it.

Leah has been really into "jokes" lately. They are SOO hilarious, hoo boy! You are really missing out here, NBC! Forget Conan - Leah should take over for Leno.
Example from lunch today:

Leah: If I had eyeballs for breakfast, then I would have snot for lunch! Ha ha!

She and Ben were sitting under the table (who knows why) and she was telling him jokes in a similar vein. Then I heard: "Um, Ben? Did you forget to laugh?"

Me too, Ben. Me too.


Aaron said...

Leah may be cribbing from these jokes:

But I think it's safe to say that she is the next Lorne Micheals.

Noel said...

And the engineer's mind goes into overdrive trying to figure out how a head could accidentally not get through a door when there are so many other body parts which seem more likely...

Before going to SNL, she probably needs to go through the knock-knock joke stage as defined and studied by Piaget.

Ruth said...

okay, her jokes actually did make me laugh.