Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Least Favorite Color

So, we got to see our house for reals this afternoon! The owners were still there, and hadn't finished cleaning, but were super nice. The Lady had put all the manuals together in a bag along with the numbers of everyone that they've had do know, the weed sprayer, sprinkler guy, etc.

And she included her own phone number, just in case we have any questions later.

That, folks, is VERY BRAVE. 'Cause she has no idea what kind of wackos we could be, right?

Our first plans are to fence the yard and get a swingset, and we HAD planned to wait to do the interior stuff (walls, carpet, trim) until the weather gets cold again.

Buuut, that was before I got a look at the upstairs bedrooms. I mean a really good, uninterrupted long look.

And what I saw was my Least Favorite Color. It's a non-color. That no-man's-land between pink, brown & taupe. And it HAS TO GO.

Shouldn't be too hard - the kids rooms are pretty easy, but I still have to decide what we are doing with the master bedroom. Our previous room was a Miami-ish sea green, and worked fine, but nothing I really want to repeat. I'm thinking of a neutral and getting a duvet/comforter with blues & tans.

Of course, first we have to decide on whether or not we are going to get a king size bed instead of our queen. Any thoughts?

My folks told us theirs when we got married. Here's a transcript of that conversation:

Us: Aaron's folks bought us our bed as our wedding present.
Them: What did you get?
Us: A queen size Serta.
Them: NO! You DIDN'T get a QUEEN!
Us: (in horror & shock) YES! Why? What's the matter with that?
Them: Well, a queen-size mattress won't fit in the van!
Me: Mom, Dad, we don't HAVE a van. YOU do.
Them: Oh yeah. That's right. I guess we just moved so often in that van...

Oh, Mom and Dad. I love you and your moving expertise. This time, I hope your help is only needed to entertain the kids.


mama.nichols4 said...

We just purchased a new mattress in the spring of '07. I wanted to get a king but Ben insisted that it would be TOO big. All I could think of was the nights when one of the kids had to sleep in bed with us for whatever reason and how little room I ended up with, not to mention the feet in my back. Of course, none of that mattered to him because he sleeps like a log.

Of course all that happened before we became pregnant with Bobner, I mean Elijah. Needless to say, the extra 18 inches of bed would be wonderful, even if it means I'd be the only one enjoying it. haha!

You have the space, go for it!

Noel said...

Some thoughts from someone who has been sleeping in the same bed with the same woman for 18.5 years and one who has slept in a variety of beds in a variety of places while traveling...

Queen has worked for the two of us and fits nicely into our bedroom...a king would have been a bit big.

Queen is getting a bit small for family movie night when we all (2 adults, 2 middle schoolers, 1 cat) pile on the bed to watch a movie in the bedroom. Someone has to sit elsewhere.

European beds (two singles pushed together) and bedding (a smooshy pillow and a single quilt/blanket/sheet combo) are not my preferred style.

Double beds are a bit small for a couple.

King beds are harder to move. Also, could you make a king size bed in the morning while keeping your feet on the floor? Would you be able to in 15-20 years?

I've only slept in a "sleep number" bed once and it was alone. May be worth considering if spouses have significantly different firmness preferences, but it was not a big deal to me.

Are water beds even available these days?

The first few months of marraige, we slept on a futon. It was a workable interim bed, but we were 18.5 years younger back then.

Hide-a-beds are usually a pain. As is the ground/floor.

Suzi said...

I've only slept on king beds in hotel, but I don't think I'd buy one, although they do seem nice.

Here are a couple considerations:

1. Can your room really fit it? I hate to see gigantic kings in rooms that can't handle it, it looks silly. I of course have not seen your room so I can't judge this. It would never work in our room.

2. This is personal preference, but I don't want to jump up on a king bed. Most of the kings I see seem to sit high (other than hotel style). Not to mention the kids rolling off the ends. (this just concerns any future kids) Each kid of mine has rolled off the bed a few times. If they rolled off a super high king bed, it could've been tragic!!

3. Too many different sized beds and bedding- all the sheets and bedding you may have to buy. You really need a backup set just in case you can't get it washed in one day. Therefore you'd need 2 king sets, plus your existing queen, plus your twin, plus your full (if you have one for the kids).

Is Ben going to a real bed yet, or are you waiting a bit?

We've got one queen, one full and one twin, so I have different bedding to store for everything. All these extra sheets and stuff we got years ago for our original full do not fit on the queen. And when one child gets to move to the full sized bed, it's another bedding set.

Now it sounds like your house is big, so maybe this doesn't matter.

Just another perspective.

Ruth said...

wow. people have some serious thoughts on bedding.

we have queen.

i like queen.

tim want king.

Carla said...

We have a Califonia king pillow top ( I believe it is wider than a normal king) & we LOVE it! We have not had any troubles finding bedding for it. One thing we do have is a custom made wooden platform on risers instead of a box frame. This makes the bed extra comfy & less ware and tare on your mattress. Of course we do have a large bedroom so it dosen't take up that much room.

Go for the king!

Noel said...

Last night at midnight I opted for a king size bed at a hotel vs my choice of a wide variety of gate-side "benches" at the Minneaplis airport.

The hotel was also kind enough to provide a Pillow Menu explaining each of the four types of pillow on the bed. Unfortuneately there wasn't an obvious way to associate the individual pillows on the bed with the descriptions on the card. In practice I didn't notice much difference. Must be like wine where one has to learn the nuances. Just some my pillow doesn't have "legs", particularly the six-attached-to-a-body kind.

-- Noel from the Mineapolis airport

Aaron said...

King sized beds are ridiculous. Kate and I shared a king sized bed for a few months, and we actually stored a lot of our clothes, in luggage on the bed with us. There was that much room.

Queens are usually more than enough room, and you guys are small folks. I'd bet you could play basketball on a king-sized bed.

Blue Castle said...

If you have the room and budget for a king-size bed, I would say go for it. We shared a double bed for the first 2 years of marriage. Over half of the second year we also squeezed our baby in bed with us. Ugh. We bought a king the first chance we got. What a relief to roll over and not have to do that roll-hop maneuver so you don't actually roll over, you roll in place so as not to fall off the bed. We have been mocked and made fun of by many people, (like it's their buisness anyway) but I don't care. And our bedroom is small - there is about 12 inches of space on both sides of the bed, but I still wouldn't trade it. (Our bedroom is private and not for public display, so it doesn't matter if it looks goofy) Especially when the kids jump in bed with us on Saturday morning, or we all are watching videos together. Keep in mind, we only have 2 kids, so people who have more, or hope for more kids (hint, hint) should seriously think about getting a king. :) Just for the record - a king size boxspring - which is actually two twin boxsprings - is sooooo much easier to move than a queen-size boxspring- which is all one big piece. And the mattress is flexible, so it's not too hard to move - we've moved our bed numerous times and never had a problem.