Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't Worry, I Have Wisdom to Spare

A couple of things have been going on around here lately, other than the normal unpack-organize-collapse box-grab another box routine. If I can get all these boxes taken care of in a year, I'll be happy. My theory is to expect the absolute worst, and since that rarely happens, almost every time you'll be pleased with the results.

Anyway. Last weekend we were so happy to have my uncle Howard and his family (wife Laura, and sons aging 14, 7ish, and 3 1/2 year old twins) here for a couple days, although they stayed at mom & dad's and Mom cooked every meal, even the one we ate here! My kids thoroughly enjoyed the company of the twins - MUCH running was done. And there was some chasing, darting, and dashing done as well!

We spent Saturday early afternoon at Buffalo River State Park swimming and eating. That night my house hosted its first "official" event, and I'm thrilled to say that it lived up to our expectations.

The house will get another chance to show its hospitality when Aaron's cousin Beth and HER family (husband Dave, son D (age 8) and daughter B (age 6) stay here tomorrow night. They live overseas during the year, so we usually try to see them for a day or so in the summer when they are home.

There's just this one little glitch in the plan: I am having my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning. I only have my top two, and they are fully erupted (that sounds so much more dramatic than just saying they're there), so my dentist reassures me that it is the best case scenario for removal - should be the least painful/involved. Of course I am still opting to have anesthesia. And I'm actually more worried about THAT than the teeth. I really would like to talk to Beth and Dave a bit, and maybe eat some of the great meals I have planned (already shopped for and flagged in the recipe book, just in case I'm completely incoherent).

But we'll see. I've heard stories of varying horrifics from everyone, so I'm not sure what to expect. Thanks to Mom, who will be driving me to and from the clinic, and to friend Amy, who will be staying with the kids (bonus playdate for Leah!) while I'm gone. And thanks to YOU, who hopefully will still come back and read after I neglect to post for a day or two. What am I saying? OF COURSE you'll come back!
Especially if I promise you an especially amusing photo of Aaron. See you soon!


Noel said...

I had all four wisdom teeth removed at once. I was under for about 15 minutes while they did it. Ilene joined me in the recovery room and fainted as in the scene from "Beaches" (or whatever that Bette Midler movie was). She got all the attention while I was the one trying to recover!

After swinging by the drug store formerly known as Osco (or at least that's how I remember it but it may have been the drugs), I spent the afternoon watching _Star Trek_ original series re-runs with frozen water balloons bound to my face. Ilene has a picture. I was perking up by evening and I recall eating pizza in a few days.

In research I did a few years ago, the risk of dying from anesthesia was about 1 in 400,000. The risk of dying in a car accident in North Dakota in a given year is 1 in about 65,000. Given your youth and vigor, the anesthesia risk is probably closer to 1 in 1 million.

nydampress said...

Wisdom teeth removal pain...not so bad.
The many hours spent throwing up into a bucket/floor/toilet was VERY horrible. I had never heard from anyone this was a possible side effect.

I was unable to eat solid foods for a week. You *insert family name here* always seem to come out on top though. So I wouldn't worry.
I vaguely remember Aaron telling me Ruth was able to eat steak right after hers. Or maybe it was Aaron? I don't remember.

Noel said...

The vomiting sounds more like an anesthesia side effect than a tooth removal one.

If someone was eating steak right afterwords, it was so tender it could be chewed with the front teeth. Hopefully Lyz likes Jello.

nydampress said...

Noel I indeed was referring to the anesthesia when I was talking about the whole sickness fiasco.
My dentist told me anesthesia was basically like a walk in the park.

Liz, depending on how you deal with anesthesia I would suggest opting out if you are prone to illness.

I just had a flashback to you heaving-ho off the side of the whale watching boat. I realize that is motion sickness, but you were such a trooper :)

Noel said...

So then, Lyz should especially avoid anesthesia AND sea travel at the same time...

Quick note to Kate: it seems we have one of your products in our house via Lyz distribuing book marks to The Bookclub.

Anonymous said...

So I am not the only person over 30who just had their wisdom teeth out! I have had them out both ways so I guess I am kind of an expert. My first time one was fully eurpted so it was pulled and I just used Novacain for the procedure and coedine afterwards. Piece of cake! Second time I had the lower two surgically removed, full anathesia. This was major surgery becasue I had cysts and needed some bone removed & replaced. Procedure took 1 1/2 hours. Trust me what you are having done is a piece of cake. Good luck!

Aaron said...

From what I remember, for the entire day I got mine removed (at about 6:30AM, I had no idea clinics opened that early), the rest of the day felt like I had just awakened from a nap... you know, that sucky kind of dizzy, not with it, hella grumpy mood? The whole day.

I wasn't enjoying food until at least a week. And it wasn't until I was done flushing the pits (god, so gross) that I was confident enough to use a straw. Don't use a straw! You will suck out your clots.

Ruth said...

i totally used a straw. heh.