Thursday, March 26, 2009

Concerns Big and Small

Big: Certain neighborhoods in the Fargo-Moorhead area are being evacuated. I'm talking Coast Guard boats taking people to dry ground. Pretty dramatic stuff.

Small: Our house being flooded. Although we may have the dreaded seepage and sewage spewage, our house is in one of the highest areas in Fargo, and is one of the places people would be evacuated to, if they don't leave town.

Small: If the city water is shut off, we are packing out bags and heading to the Cities. Family and friends there, consider yourself warned!

Big: Dikes are being built up another 2 feet, since most were built to withstand a 40 ft. crest, and now we are expecting 41 feet. Also, it is still snowing today and the temperature is about 20 degrees - not fun sandbagging weather.

Eensy-Weensy: Our girl Miss Clare is visiting us again today. She is doing great - eating well, took a good nap, roaming safely.

Small: Ben came down with a minor case of pink-eye. Yesterday we saw a trace of it in one eye, but I wasn't sure if it was irritation from my accidental poke I gave him while getting him dressed. He woke up a couple times last night, one time complaining about his eye, and this morning both eyes were faintly pink. When Leah had it last year, her one eye was bright pink. We've consulted with a doctor friend who said it'll probably go away just fine on it's own.

We did warn Miss Clare's mom before she brought her over, but really folks. Pink-eye is NOT the end of the world. Someone losing their house may be a bit higher on the list of things to prevent.

Small-ish: The upstairs did get their first layer of mud & tape yesterday. Guys were supposed to come today, but called to say they were sandbagging instead. We were kind of anticipating that. However, the small-ish concern is that our upstairs will remain a mess for at least another week or so. Oh well!

Big: Dinner! What to make?! I'm taking this opportunity to make myself clear out the cabinets a bit. Tonight, it's a soup mix I've been hoarding and beer bread - Tastefully Simple mix. Sounds good to me!

Tomorrow may be the day I FINALLY stop depriving my kids of playdough fun and just make some already!


Noel said...

And then at about 5:00 PM we learned the crest was predicted to go to 42-43 feet...

Blue Castle said...
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Blue Castle said...

Oh my word, I hope the predicted 42-43 feet crest proves to be wrong - in a good way. I heard on the news that the Red is supposed to be at its crest for a month!?! It sounds more nightmarish all the time.

(Had to delete my comment 'cause I spelled "its" wrong. I'm a dork)

Aaron said...

Jiminy Criminy. This thing is mind-blowingly crappy.

nydampress said...

I second Aaron. What more can we say, yikes!?
Thinking of all you ND folks,and hoping for the best.