Friday, March 13, 2009

Of Stains and Other Baby Business

I have spent the last couple of days going through my tubs of baby clothes.

That sounds terrible. Trust me, it's not THAT bad.

One tub is all baby paraphernalia - burp cloths, receiving blankets, bibs, and feeding stuff (spoons, bowls, bottles - of which I have WAAAY to many for someone who has never used them...).

The second tub is gender-neutral baby stuff. I'm not positive why I've stored it like this, but I always have. Lots of yellow in this one, and mostly sleepers and onesies.

The last tub is the true baby boy clothes, but it goes up to 6-9 months.

As anyone with more than one child knows, those cute little outfits may not remain so adorable after your sweet child has worn them...once. Twice, and you're pushing your luck. And some of my baby stuff has actually been worn several times by TWO DIFFERENT children.

Thus, my examination has been mostly to check out the stain situation. But I'm having a hard time determining how many stains are TOO MUCH. In reality, as I said before, after that baby has worn it once, it will probably be stained anyway. But you have a fresh, sweet, adorable new baby! Of course you can't dress that angel child in a onesie covered with stains!

And what husband doesn't love to be asked for advice? Along with the constant, "What do you think of the name Emerson?" "How about Walter?" I've been throwing out, now the poor guy gets to look forward to "Do you this one has too many stains on it?" Yep. I know. Aren't you jealous for his life?!

Fortunately, playgroup was at my house today, so I had two friends with whom to consult. We decided that stained white onesies are alright, because they generally go underneath other items. But the stained colored outfits? Those need to be retired. Along with pilly sleepers, and outfits that are too girly for a boy, and too boyish for a girl. Believe it or not, I've had several of those, too.

Like the black velvet bibs (as in, pants with straps attached) - with a green, red, and yellow train embroidered across the front? I think Leah wore it once - and now it's in the garage sale pile for someone else to try.

Of course, the main reason I'm going through the stuff in the first place is so I know what I get to buy. Which is another source of joy for my husband to consider.


Noel said...

And an odd artifact of my being an only child of parents raised in the depression is that my mom kept a onesie which was worn by my daughters. So as the economy continues to sink, you might also keep in mind which clothes might be keepers for your grandkids...

I assume your tubs are the plastic lidded kind which are great for storing all the items you listed off. If you have an empty tub, maybe you can put in slips of paper with boys names and then raffle off (college fund?) the chance for someone to draw the name for lucky Magnus...or just auction the naming rights off directly.

Noel said...

"If more people watched "Polka Jamboree", wouldn't the ratings go up?"

-- Alf on WGN (cable 7) right now

Interesting show in light of the recent blogging about "Polka Spotlight" on community access channel 12.

Isn't cable wonderful?

AJ said...

Poor Noel. Even thought Lyz is blogging about dirty baby clothes he still feels kind enough to write two comments. =)