Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's THEIR Fault

This morning I had my 28 week baby appointment. I've gained four pounds this month - but I'm blaming at least one pound on my chocolate binge last night (Moo Tracks ice cream, a slice of Black Forest cake, and a KitKat. Yum.)
At the appointment, the nurse asked, as usual, "Do you think you'd be able to give us a urine sample?" My immediate instinct was to say, "NO! I will NOT pee in your cup! I don't WANT to!"
I told Aaron about this (after I DID, in fact, pee in the cup) and he decided that it's because I spend so much time with Benjamin, whose favorite phrase recently has been, "No! NO WAY!" One time Aaron asked why I was letting him get away with that, but since he was doing what I had asked while saying NO, I wasn't going to fight it.

So I got to thinking about what other lessons I could accidentally learn from my children.

I would insist that I could NOT pick up a mess without someone helping me.
My meals would be rendered inedible if any one item touched something else.

If anyone else in the house had their pants off, mine would have to come off too...and crazy dancing would ensue.

Puddles would be asking to be run through...nevermind the wet pants and socks.

If we happened to leave a store without buying me something, I would whine, cry, and refuse to zip my coat.

My nose would only need to be wiped if the snot interfered with drinking from my sippy cup.

I would wake up Aaron to fix my blankets, tuck me back in after a bad dream, help me find a proper sleeping position, or refill my water cup.

On review, maybe I'll stick with learning more parental-type lessons - like, that tissues, wipes and diapers should be in every room, and that pants and socks can be thrown in the clothes dryer. Now, about those sleep issues...


Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

Don't you wonder what our toddlers and preschooler might "teach" us when they're teenagers..My 3-year-old's been waking up at 4am and telling me she want's me to wake up too and play with her..Uggghhhh..!

Anonymous said...

That puddles thing, that's why GOD invented them; of course, the exodus thing from Egypt might have taken that a little far. I don't pass up too many of them even now. If I have an escort I try to restrain my self.

nydampress said...

Crazy pant-less dancing,cute! I mean, when kids do it :)

Also,yay for a belly pic! I was just lamenting to Ruth how you needed to post an update on the bump situation. Ask and ya shall receive.

Noel said...

The teaching by children continues into their teenage years...