Thursday, March 12, 2009

It Takes All Kinds

- The great thing about being pregnant is that although it may be ridiculous to buy cute clothes right now, it is NOT ridiculous to buy cute accessories. Necklaces, big jangly earrings, and bracelets can make you feel pretty if not downright glamorous while your belly is taking on a life of it's own. Plus, they distract people's attention from that protruding belly button.

- We have, a couple of times, watched some local? polka dancing on PBS. It is hilarious. Not only is it clear that the band thinks they are studs (especially that saxophonist!), there is this one particular couple. They have matching large bellies, and most of the time don't even touch each other with their hands or arms while dancing - they just kind of wiggle along with their bellies against each other. Today they were wearing matching zebra striped Zubaz-style pants with suspenders.

- Have now shopped in two different stores for Thomas party supplies for Ben's birthday. No luck. Am ordering online, where the site refuses to accept my shipping information, and instead keeps refreshing the page. Aaron says this seems to be more important to me than to Ben - he probably would have been fine with the Elmo stuff we saw at Kmart. But he had that last year.
AND, he's only been talking about a "choo-choo party" for the last EIGHT months. Clearly, the boy knows what he wants. And you only turn 3 once.

- Aaron is growing a beard. We have both been feeling neutral about it, but I'm starting to edge towards the anti- side. Mostly because it leaves me a lot less room to kiss him on the cheek, and also because I think he's trying too hard to fit in with the other men in my family, who have all turned into Grizzly Adams this winter.

- Before heading out shopping this morning, Leah was refusing to join us. Then she declared, "Alright, I'll go, but it will have to be tomorrow!" As if she was the Princess of Everything.

- Driving around town, Aaron asked each of the kids where they wanted to go. Leah didn't know where she wanted to go, but Ben declared, "Hot dog house!" Where he got that, I'm not sure. But it still makes me giggle.

As does the polka guy wearing lederhosen. In his 60's.
It was better than the Zubaz couple, though.


Aaron said...

Way to go Aaron! Beards are the wave of the future!

I would also like to visit the hot dog house, please.

nydampress said...

I am also going to comment on your Aaron's beard growth. Well he has been halfway there what with the goatee and all. Be sure he keeps the full beard around until we arrive in May.
Then all the men can stand together and revel in their hairiness.

Noel said...

I was also going to comment that Aaron the husband already had a beard and, for the record, is a style my family would like me to adopt. My beard will be turning 25 this August.

I think the polka program you are referring to is the one on Community Access channel 12, not PBS on 13. The show is out of the Twin Cities and is on Saturday evenings around supper time. My daughters won't let me watch it. Something about being pathetic...I think more me than the dancers.

JJ and EJ said...

Ha! My grandpa LOVES that polka show!! heehee

Jess said...

no don't grow the beard..I hope Dave doesn't catch wind of this.
I love Ben and Leah--so cute!

Lyz said...

I can't believe it. I PACKED this post with funny bits, and all you all can talk about is Aaron's beard.


Noel & EJ, thanks for mentioning the polka channel. Yes, it was the public access channel 12. Sorry PBS - but the kids also love Lawrence Welk!

Lyz said...

Jess! Welcome! You finally gave in, now that you have a blog of your own, huh?:)

Noel said...

Beards rock...or at least polka.