Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recent Conversation

Me: I was wondering if you'd pick something up for me at the grocery store before coming home...

Aaron: (suspiciously) What? Pictures?

Me: No...Oatmeal, so I can make cookies.

A: What kind of cookies?

Me: Those double chocolate oatmeal cookies...chocolate with chocolate chips in them.

A: Hmm, those are GOOD. I think I can pick up oatmeal.


Kim said...

quick or regular oats? store or name brand?

Lyz said...

Oh yes, those will be clarified in a follow-up phone call, I'm sure!

Old-fashioned oats, any brand.:)

Noel said...

We had a similar conversation last night so we could have some good food for today's snow day (video of the storm at http://dakotanoel.blogspot.com/ ).

For lunch just now, we had
* Garlic turkey and swiss cheese (both on sale at Hornbachers)sandwhiches
* Campbells chicken noodle soup
* Double stuff Oreos

Tonight for super we are having baked spaghetti which calls for cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, and mozzerella cheese.

This morning, daughter T baked up some bran muffins which were very nice with coffee during a work teleconference from home.

Aaron said...

Oh MAN I miss those cookies. They just wind up being lumps of awesome.

Noel said...

It's coming up on coffee time...maybe if you could send some up to North Fargo with Aaron via dogsled...