Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On Kids: Mine and Theirs

For review, we have two kids: Leah, age 5 years in just 6 weeks, and Ben, age 3 years in 2 weeks. They have been in separate bedrooms - until the last 5 nights. Demolition and reconstruction in Ben's old room (and the future baby's room) has moved them into Leah's room together.

Also, up until 5 nights ago, we had been on a nasty streak where one or both of the kids required attention from me (usually) in the middle of the night. For really stupid things. Like, "I can't find a good position to sleep in!" Are you KIDDING me?!

We were very apprehensive about them sharing a room. Should we put Ben to bed first, then send Leah in after her story and such? But it has ended up that we read them a story together, then tuck them in at the same time - and miraculously, there have been NO ISSUES. We even had 4 nights of uninterrupted sleep. Last night Ben did require attention once, but I'm not getting too excited about it - I wasn't sleeping well either. Maybe it was the lightening, the sirens, or the word "sewage" going through my head.

Anyway. The kids will share a room at least until the other bedroom is returned to normal, hopefully by the end of the week. And they may stay as roomies permanently, about 6 months ahead of schedule. They both seem to like having company, and I think Ben will be more excited about it once it's decorated (now it's really not) and is more his room, too. A few trains should do the trick.

I also have 2 other children here this afternoon while their moms are out sandbagging. Yesterday Miss Clare, one of our favorite 15 month olds, was here. Basically what I am finding out is how different kids can be when they come from other families, and reminders of how kids behave at different ages. For instance, I have already forgotten all the curiosity that goes with being under 2 years old. Also, that one extra child yesterday was about 3 times more work than the TWO extra are today - of course, they are 3 yrs. and 5 yrs. and basically self-sufficient. Although not nearly as cuddly.

More flood info: Even more activities have been canceled or rescheduled. The crest is anticipated at 40 feet, early morning Friday. I heard today that the river is a foot lower in Wahpeton (about 50 miles downriver? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.) than anticipated. Hopefully this means that the crest will be lower here as well.


Noel said...

Wahpeton is 50 miles south if you are a bird, 100 miles south and a few dam jumps if you are a fish...Wahpeton's crest was lowered, but the biggest variable right now is the Wild Rice River which joins the Red between here and there.

Joyful Living said...

awww 3 kids...I'm gonna watch you like a hawk when you have that going on full time...I'm scared to make that jump....way too scared!

Noel said...

Another factor from Wahpeton is that Breckenridge now has a diversion like West Fargo. While the crest there was lower, the total waterflow in the Red River and the diversion is at or above 1997 levels. El Zagel golf course is filling with water over the permanent dike. I'm planning to post pics and videos at my blog later tonight.

Ruth said...

John and Jo Ann live in that oxbow past 52nd street south, and the water is already up to their driveway. the only other houses close to the oxbow were abondoned by their owners on monday. no sandbags, no hope.

super sad. i hope everything is okay.

Aaron said...

Jeepers... scary, scary stuff. Hope you guys get through this okay.

Man I feel sorry for John and JoAnn... I can't imagine what that must be like.

Noel said...

Oxbow was on the noon news. Homes are islands and evacuations are being done south of town by airboats (Coast Guard). Crest forecast has been raised to 41 feet on Saturday. Clay and sandbag dikes are being built to 42 feet, were 95% done this morning, and should be completed today in spite of 7 inches of snow which is falling. City etc will do quality inspections and shore up week areas between now and Saturday.