Monday, March 30, 2009

The Search for Normal

Flood Update: The crest prediction has been lowered, and those who were evacuated have started coming home. The rest of us are breathing a bit easier, although still checking the basement periodically! Noel has been doing an excellent job summarizing each day's developments. The river is down quite a bit, and "non-essential" business should be opening up on Wednesday. Aaron goes back to work that day, too, although he's on call tomorrow night...his job should see little activity, though, since his workplace is one of the "non-essentials"... Technically, the essential businesses are grocery and hardware stores, gas stations and restaurants. I think Old Navy should be added. And TJ Maxx. I'm wondering how much more online shopping activity there has been in the last week, since we haven't been able to leave the house!

Just so you don't think we are out of the woods entirely: There is supposed to be a second river crest in mid-April once the melting gets really going. Hopefully it won't be as big as this one, though. It has been snowing all afternoon - huge, wet flakes that Aaron said he could feel hitting his face...plop, plop, plop.

While talking to a friend today I realized it's been awhile since I posted photos of the kids. Here they are, with some samples of the moisture around here this spring:

This was a snowbank right next to the garage. They are about 2 feet off the ground, enjoying the sun from the 35-40 degree day. Those temperatures led to...
...MASSIVE water puddles on the sidewalks. Massive FUN for walks. Rubber boots required, and falling not recommended. Ben now thinks that every time he comes in from outside he needs to take his pants off.

My friend also requested more photos of Ben. Ben doesn't like to pose. He'd rather see the photo you've already taken...or not. Bribing with candy is helpful, but not always available. Here is our handyman-in-training. Methinks a toolbelt would be more comfortable.

And I just couldn't resist adding this photo of Leah - I love her dress-up combinations. But OF COURSE the sparkly yellow leotard needs blue fairy wings!

We are getting small projects done around the house - no painting, though! I have been doing some scrapbooking, and the kids have gotten a new(ish) Little People set to keep them busy. We got to the library today, and yesterday broke our isolation by going to church and out to lunch with friends after. It felt good to do something NORMAL.


Noel said...

I thought about on-line shopping, but (a) Could the delivery be made? and (b) Would anyone be here to receive it? Should be "yes" and "yes" for at least a number of days.

Monday morning at the office felt wonderfully NORMAL today....

nydampress said...

Looks like Ben got Uncle Aaron's belly button :)

Kim said...

Puddle jumping is great fun! Glad to see you don't deny your kids. Ooshy mud is even more fun as they get older!

Noel said...

Note to those running the Fargo Marathon this year: the route might be changing due to the flood. It's not certain that dikes will be removed from the original route in time fo rthe event. At least it is still on!

Maybe we should also add the Fargo Triathalon: sand shoveling, sandbag throwing, and dike walking.

JJ and EJ said...

Oh! Love the pictures! I miss my niecey and nephew already! JJ is also hoping we see you soon... their bday present bags keep filling with more stuff I just happen to find. :)

Aaron said...

Great pictures! I also enjoy getting to see more of your house, bit by bit, in the background... elliptical in the kitchen? Hmmmm. ;)

Lyz said...

Noel- I was thinking more about shopping online at national stores, or Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, etc. We stocked up on groceries pretty well before all the hoopla started.

Aaron - No, the elliptical is NOT in the kitchen. That is our lovely wet bar/kid's art area. But good try! You'll just have to come figure it all out for yourself!

Noel - That Fargo Triathalon sounds great. If the competition could be held during flood season, we'd kill 2 birds with one stone!