Monday, March 16, 2009

Shout-Out to Uncle Tim

Some friends of ours have a tradition where they go out for bagels every Saturday morning with a few other families. They've invited us, too, but we always seem to have plans going , or something. Not sure how that happens, exactly. I'm positive it's all because of my husband. Yeah.

Aaron was bemoaning the fact that we don't have our own little family traditions. Of course, we have things we do for certain holidays - for instance, we'll dye eggs on Good Friday coming up soon. He was talking more about smaller, more frequent traditions. Our kids are too young yet for a Game Night, or even a regular Movie Night, although we'll do that periodically.

However, we accidentally came across a good option for a new Family Tradition:

Eating dinner in the living room and watching America's Funniest Videos. Sounds good to me. Plus, it got Leah to eat a bit more of her casserole than usual. I swear, I'm beginning to wonder if that child is somehow missing her Norwegian genes.

What kind of "small" traditions does your family have? Please share, so I can steal your ideas!


Schatzy said...

We normally go to a Sioux hockey game every year when Sean is home on break. We took Trace to his first hockey game last year. It was awesome!

Opening deer weekend is Lefse/Flatbread Day at my parent's house, mainly for mom, sister and I. It's the one day of the year we completely dirty the kitchen with flour, and make up excuses of why we need to eat just one more piece of lefse or flatbread.

Ruth said...

we lay in bed and watch america's funniest home videos.

also, we've started watching a "ruth" movie on friday nights instead of going out.whad up, harry potter: prisoner of azkaban? see you friday.

Aaron said...

We only watch 2 or three shows that are on TV with any regularity: 30 Rock (which is getting increasingly worse), and House.

Aside from that, churning through DVD's of The Wire is our habit.

Noel said...

Some are appropriate for kids Leah and Ben's age, some are better for older kids....

* Bike to the Moorehead DQ for ice cream. Bonus points if the route includes one of the pedestrian bridges over the Red River
* Take a snack to the observation area of the Fargo airport and watch a plane land
* Hike up Halloway Hill at Maplewood State Park on a warm October day (note that parents may need to carry young kids part way, particularly if garter snakes are sunning themselves on the path)
* Look for sea glass on the north shore of Lake Superior
* Stop at Culvers or Doolittles in Alexandria when coming back from the Twin Cities or Grandma's house
* Watch an ore freighter arrive/depart at a Lake Superior port
* Family movie night on Friday nights
* Listen to audio book together while passing the miles to somewhere

Katie's Casual Encounters said...

Popcorn before bed most nights for Trace and me, and also, most Sunday mornings when we have company I make either bacon and eggs or we have muffins. Thomas looks forward to those weekends.

Crystal said...

We watch American Idol together. The boys get to stay up a little late two nights a week to get in on the show.

The Maus House also does frequent van rides just for the heck of it. We don't go anywhere in particular- just sight-seeing. It is a good way to catch up with eachother.

Noel said...

A couple more Fargo ones:

Winter - sledding at Edgewood golf course followed by hot chocolate

Summer - eating on the patio at Divots at Edgewood (best outdoor eating ambiance in Fargo)

AJ said...

Those pictures are great. Leah looks like, "Yeah, so what?" Like the modern child version of American Gothic. Eating and watching TV. It is the end of our family I am sure. I guess I was thinking more about a tradition like going for a walk or game night or breakfast or even family movie night. Reruns on TV on top of a painting dropcloth is the best some of us can do I guess. =)