Thursday, March 5, 2009

Doing What I Can: Economy

Thursday is usually Aaron's day off. I completely adore the fact that he is willing to put his family ahead of his paycheck in this way (since of course he gets paid for 4 days instead of 5). I have come to look forward to Thursdays as a break in our routine and a bonus weekend day.

However, he periodically has to work Thursday anyway, and today his number was up.

If I stay at home and maintain the daily schedule, I tend to get a bit crabby and depressed. Instead, I usually take the kids and go somewhere out of the ordinary.

Today it was TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, and Sam's Club. (I can hear Aaron groaning as he reads this...) My kids are GREAT shoppers. They aren't even restrained in a cart the whole time! But I tend to avoid taking them shopping anyways - except of course for the grocery store and Target. THOSE places are necessary, people.

Anyway. We went to TJ Maxx first, as I figured that was the shortest trip, and the one where I wanted to do the most dawdling. We looked at purses for a bit (didn't buy any, dear!) and then cruised the household goods aisles. I love to peruse the odds and ends every once in a while, because to me it's like a new and refined garage sale - you just never know what treasures you will find.

I did insist that the kids either walk in front of the cart or behind it. Ben helped push, which worked well. Then he got away and was lifting the huge glass goblets on the aisle end display - not working so well! But we didn't have to buy any broken items, so it stayed peaceful.

I found tablecloths that match my kitchen colors. Yes, I have drawers full of very similar table coverings, but most of them are not large enough to cover our entire table - soon to be featured at a garage sale near you! There are two of them - one big enough for our dining room table, and another for our 6 -foot folding table. I was thinking, here, I think. $8 each.

Queen sheets, white, 300 thread count: $30.

Turquoise & brown striped towels, matching our master bathroom: $7 each.

A trip to the Maxx without incident: Priceless.

I made up for this dent in our credit card by leaving Hobby Lobby with only $23 in purchases, having fully intended to have spent more. (By the way, this little example of "saving" is why I drive my husband nuts.)

As I was taking my time looking at scrapbook paper, I remembered that I had snacks! The kids were relieved - anything to break up the boredom was welcome at that point. Carrots are pretty much the perfect shopping snack, by the way. They don't spill easily, don't make kids thirsty, and aren't sticky.

Sam's Club was similarly successful, thanks in part to strawberries and ice cream sandwich samples. Ahh, taste tests...such wonderful kid-bribing material!

Home again, home again, jiggity-jog...after employing my own version of a stimulus package. Gooo, America!


Blue Castle said...

I thought of your post today as I bought a $200 set of 450 thread count sheets for $28. My man doesn't understand either, but boy am I a little high over that good deal.

Noel said...

Some guy logic on such things...

* Tables don't need to be clothed and its easier to wipe stuff off a smooth surface than wash a table cloth.

* If the holes don't let the environment in, make unsightly things visible, or cause confusion, then the cloth article can still be used.

* "Matching towels" means that both towels are on the towel bar.

* The best savings is non-expenditure.

Lyz said...

Noel - Our table top itself it unsightly, and any dampness on it gets sticky. Hence the tablecloths. Believe me, with 2 little kids, I'd rather skip them, too.