Sunday, February 10, 2008

Warning: CAPS and !!!! ahead!

Folks, I had coffee this morning at church! I realize that may not be of much significance to most of you, but for me, that means a day of nearly boundless ENERGY. I LOVE coffee, but rarely drink it at home! Therefore, it gives me a day-long kick in the pants when I DO enjoy it!! So far I've harassed both my children with MULTIPLE smotherings of kisses and hugs, waved my hands and squawked like a chicken - several times!!! - and have run around the house yelling about laptop and internet access for about 15 minutes!

Here are some other things I'm excited about in my drug-enduced euphoria!!

1. My friend Crystal has some really cool ideas for her website, Two Peas! And I get to help her NAME RIBBON! OOH. The. best. job. ever. In my high school biology class, I wrote an alphabetical list of girls names in the back of my notebook. Time well spent!!

2. Ben got his hair cut yesterday! And lost about a half pound of body weight in the process! This is exciting because he has so much more neck for me to kiss!! And less hair for him to wipe his hands in!

3. Leah ate her dinner last night! EVEN THOUGH SHE DIDN'T WANT TO. And without much complaining!

4. We sang "Ancient of Days" in church this morning - which had me reminising about being on the worship team for InterVarsity. I loved that group. The worship team shared a of love of music and love of Christ, and I get very nostalgic when I sing certain songs.

5. We are going to some open houses this afternoon! I love seeing other houses!

6. I didn't name my babies after a celebrity! Reese, Hayden, and Aiden show up all too frequently in the Forum 2007 babies insert today!

7. ALSO! I have the delightful quandry of having to forego READING Jane Austen (Emma) in order to WATCH Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice) tonight! I finished reading Sense & Sensibilty earlier this week. I may have a problem!!!!


JJ and EJ said...

All I have to say is Lyz you better stick to the coffee.... who knows what you'd be doing on other "drugs". Yikes! : )

Ruth said...

while listening to one of my favorite npr shows, although i can' t find the name of it in my brain, they played an older interview with colon firth and he talked about his part the in the upcoming bbc "pride and prejudice" being played on pbs.

he talked about how in the final scene (i think it's this adaption), his character was originally supposed to dive in the pool naked. but bbc nixed that. so then they said, how about underwear? but research said that they didn't wear underwear in the victorian era. so then they said, we'll design some underwear, and it ended up looking like canvas britches with buckles. so then they said, okay, just dive in with all your clothes! and it turned him into a romantic leading man.

Noel said...

So was that the regular or the flavored coffee that had such an effect? I had the regular since the flavored didn't sound my taste this morning and I haven't had quite the same effect.

Noel said...

Gentle Male Reader,

As you may have noticed from the ads in the Sunday newspaper today, this week does include Valentine's day on Thursday. If your wife happens to be watching "Pride and Prejudice" at this instant and if you have noticed that she does not consider East Germany science fiction movies from the 1970s romantic, please be advised that Netflix has two movies which may brighten her visage later in the week:

"Becoming Jane" is a biographical movie similar to Masterpiece Theatre from last week.

The second, and higher rated, is "Jane Austen Book Club" which is about a Jane Austen bookclub where members bear similarity to characters in Jane Austen novels.

On a related note, our cat seems to be enjoying "Pride and Prejudice", already in progress. meanwhile, I think I will work on email....

Noel said...

For those challenged by the complex relationships in tonight's story, here is a map of character relationships:

Aaron said...

I forget who it's attributed to, but I think it was a famous writer who said, "You should use about two exclamation points per year."

Not that I'm saying you should be bound to such rules (especially when blogging), but you might consider a mild tranquilizer before posting after a cup of coffee.

nydampress said...

Liz: !!!!!

Ruth: I was listening to that very same broadcast! It was an old Terry Gross (Fresh Air) interview.
Suddenly I feel like you an I are in an American Tail together.

Liz: !!!!!

Aaron: You are my sunshine.

Liz: !!!!!