Thursday, May 1, 2008

They Are a Team

This morning, I'm sitting on the couch talking to Mom on the phone, and I see Leah start walking down the hall away from me. Ben starts to follow, and then stops. She looks over her shoulder, grins at Ben, and then gestures for him to follow her. He does, of course.

They go into our bedroom.

A couple seconds later they both come out and pick up a stool from the kitchen and start taking them down the hallway again.

me: What are you guys doing?

Leah: Getting stools...

me: Yes, I can see that, but why?

Leah: (whispering) For your bed.

Mom: They're ganging up on you, Liz.

For the record, my kids are short, but not that short - Leah can get onto our bed without help, but Ben can't.


JJ and EJ said...

They are so cute! Can't wait for tiny J time TOMORROW! Yes, I know, I'm making all the other aunties and uncles out there jealous. Sorry about that!

Aaron said...

Oh man, the (whispering) part reminded me of this:

I will hug them in a couple weeks!

Ruth said...

i hate you all.

Ruth said...

that sounded a little harsh. i mean, i am super-duper jealous of you all seeing the babies while i am stuck in ohio.

that sounded equally harsh, didn't it.