Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Knee Up

Aaron is sitting here in the "step-down" recovery from his surgery, and when he stops being nauseous he'll be discharged. However, I believe he is sleeping again right now. Since he's only been able to eat a few bites of toast, they don't want to give him any oral painkillers, and that's also a requirement before going home. I think the nurses are getting antsy to get him out of here.

The surgeon said he had to repair both the miniscues...minsici?....anyway, we were hoping neither of those things would have to be repaired so that crutches could be avoided.

Mr. Surgeon asked if Aaron had injured his knee previously, because it appears he's been functioning for ten years - since that last injury - with NO ACL. Yikes. I don't care what body part it is, going without it doesn't sound good.


Noel said...

Wikipedia has articles on all the knee parts. It also indicates high levels of estrogen can increase the liklihood of ACL injury in women....something to keep in mind as things start to get out of hand at the next Estrogen Fest.

Suppertime at our house...time to pray for Aaron.

Stacie Anderson said...

Praying for a speedy recovery! Let me know if you need help with the moving process :)

The Lovely Wife said...

with Aaron on crutches who is going to mow the lawn?

Rev had knee surgery when our daughter was 1yr. I had one learning to walk and one learning to re-walk.

My prayers are with you all.

Suzi said...

ditto on what Stacie said.

I bet you actually had a little peace and quiet sitting in that waiting room, must've been nice.

mama.nichols4 said...

I hope the pain subsides soon and everything heals quickly! Listen to the doctor too Aaron. ;) Let me know if I can help with anything.

Aaron said...

Sweet, so when Kate and I come out for the marathon, Aaron will be doing the wheelchair division? That will be fun.

Heal up dude.