Monday, March 31, 2008

You didn't know?...

1. I like lists.

2. Ben is saying a few words. "Ball" and "Bubba" for bubbles, mostly. He has said "Mo" for more, but seems to be against it, currently. He's doing a ton more babbling that sounds an awful lot like real talking. But we're not quite there yet.

3. We sold our house.

4. Aaron tore his ACL (ligament in his knee) while playing basketball a month or so ago. He will have surgery May 8th and then be on crutches for 4 weeks, and after that, rehab for 6 months.

5. Aaron is ALSO having Lasik eye surgery done at the end of April. They prop your eyes open, cut off the top layer of your cornea with a laser, and you can go to work the next day without glasses. It just seems. so. wrong.

6. We SOLD our house!

7. Leah turns 4 in a month or so and is having a princess party.

8. Ben turns 2 in a week and is having an Elmo birthday. (Happy birthday to Aunt Ruth and Uncle Aaron, too!)

9. Did I mention that we sold our HOUSE?

10. I cut my hair. There was quite literally more hair on the floor than left on my head. Aaron cannot stop telling me how much he likes it. Which basically means he thought it was hideous before.

11. I need to post photos or the aunties will revolt. Here you go.

Do you think they are related? They humor my photo-taking in exactly the same way.

That would be Grandpa DJ demonstrating to Leah how to do a headstand. GO, GRANDPA!

We have officially sold our daughter to The Man. Not only does she adore the marketing miracle that is the Disney Princesses, her favorite restaurant is McDonald's. Clearly. And combine the two? You get one excited almost-four-year-old. (That is Jasmine's crown/tiara thingy on her head. And not her drink, by the way.)

The Minnesota Zoo has this cool little tunnel thingy on the Tropics Trail. Ben jumped right in there, of course, while I was trying to take a photo of Leah.

Leah's wingspan is not quite that of a Peregrine Falcon. But she's getting there.

The REI kids' play land includes a cave/tunnel with two sleeping bears. How fun is THAT?

How to win a princess's heart: paint her nails. And use a blow-dryer. Auntie Jess is soo in.


nydampress said...

Liz: Your hair looks great!
DJ: Wow, I am so impressed!
Ben: Woot for saying words!
Leah: That soda is larger that your limbs
Aaron: New knee...I see what's going on here. Clearly he is trying to become the bionic man.
Jess: Awwww I love Jess. Good to see her smiling face.
We will see you all in May, hip hip hooray!

Ruth said...

will not see you all for quite a while...booo...

but what a great set of photos! i'm glad you have finally succumbed to our demands.

has dad been doing his yoga? did they add that to the annual miltary physical?

Stacie Anderson said...

That photo of your dad & Leah on their heads is priceless :) Oh...also wondering if you sold your house?!

Noel said...

New house, new hair, new knee, new eyes...Extreme Makeover: Jost Edition?

Not only did it read like a great trip, it looks like a great trip.

Aaron said...

Those are really good photos! I am also looking at Lasik, so Aaron should take good notes. Then I'll have Dave, Jess, and Aaron to compare with.