Saturday, March 29, 2008

3 boys + 1 girl= just enough chaos

Today we were lazy. The kids slept well, with Leah not waking up until almost 8am! Nobody was bathed until 11am.

After lazing around brother Dave & SIL Jessica's house for a few more hours, we finally roused ourselves enough to go meet some friends from Rochester. Our timing was impeccable. The Blocks pulled onto the exit at the same time we did, and we met up in the parking lot of REI. Yeah, it's a store, but it has a great kids' play area, so Christina and I ditched the dads with the kids and hid in a corner to look at each other's Creative Memories albums.

The kids, son D (age 4 1/2 -sorry, Christina, I forgot the name he likes to be called...) and son J (17 months), plus my two had a BLAST running around, pretending to be bees, and trying to warn all the other children that the volcano was going to explode.

Dinner at Boston Market was awesome. How can you beat a good selection of normal, non-fried, mostly healthy food NOW? Especially when you have 4 hungry young kids. It is now THE place for us to go.

After dinner we were looking for ice cream and a gas station, preferrably a BP, for which we have a credit card with a great discount. And LO! The heaven's opened, and after driving three blocks, we saw a Dairy Queen, and directly opposite, a BP.

At the DQ, we did the community a service and administered a little birth control by giving those 4 young kids ice cream. The kids sat on one side of the booth, while the four adults tried to wrangle, feed, and clean up spills. We just barely had enough hands. Son D somehow catapulted his dad's spoon across the booth and onto the floor, but wise dad Matt quickly whipped out another and said, "It's okay, I've got a backup...and about 6 more, too." Parents learn quickly.

On leaving, D was hugging Leah (he's an adorably affectionate boy!) and said "We're married!" and Leah said, "No we're not! We're just kids! I'm a 3 year old, and you're a 4 year old!"

If she can only keep saying that for about 20 or so more years.

Our house was shown a couple times today, and apparently one was pretty serious! We will be home tomorrow, and YES I'll be watching Sense & Sensibility on PBS. Also, I have taken the Facebook quiz that determines which Jane Austen heroine you are like, and I'm convinced it's a fraud, because it said that I'm Eleanor Dashwood from S &S. Watch it tomorrow, and if you know me (heck, even if you don't...) you'll know that's not quite the best choice. But whatev.

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Noel said...

Fortunately the wind has died down for your open house today. Yesterday it was howling at 30-45 mph, but at least at 40 degrees it melted quite a bit of snow.

And now as a parent of (t)weenagers I'm trying to reprogram myself that I don't need a pile of napkins etc every time I visit a fast food restaurant. It has taken a while to get out of the mindset that spilled beverage/ice cream/soup is a highly likely event requiring a hazmat level of readiness.

And tonight is a watershed moment for me. In previous weeks, I've watched Jane Austen because it was what was on the TV in our bedroom at someone elses choice. Tonight, with my wife out of town, I am wrestling with whether I will watch "Sense and Sensibility" and, if so, will it be out of habit or a sense of obligation or a matter of free will. Is it OK for a middle aged guy to voluntarily watch Jane Austen alone? Or maybe I could say when Nature was done, I was doing email and just didn't notice the programming change.