Monday, March 31, 2008

Timing is Everything

Friday, going to the zoo. Despite getting totally lost and going through downtown Minneapolis, I was getting Leah's coat from the van in the zoo parking lot when Amber called to say that she had just paid and was waiting by the monkeys.

Saturday, meeting the Blocks at REI. Despite procrastinating leaving Dave & Jess's (partially because Ben was enjoying a good nap), both vehicles pulled off the exit at the same time, and were able to park next to each other in the incredibly packed parking lot - think Christmas packed.

Despite our open house not happening (didn't make the paper's listing deadline), Realtor Dave called to say that he and another guy from his office, Realtor Robb, had both shown it, with some serious interest.

Later Saturday, he said we might be getting an offer. Sunday evening we did, and Monday morning WE SOLD OUR HOUSE. Without it even actually being "listed" photos made it to any website.

Realtor Dave said that he'd been talking about our house to Realtor Robb, who had a couple trying to sell a house. He said that if it sold, he'd show them ours. Theirs sold this week, and they saw ours twice. And now it's a done deal, and only $1500 under our asking price. We're leaving the washer and dryer (I wanted a new front-loading washer, anyway!) but taking the electric fireplace and the projector.

Aaron's knee surgery is May 8th, and the buyers want to close on May 23rd, which means he'll still be on crutches. Anyone want to help pack/move?

We are a bit stunned, as we are now technically homeless. I have already done some calling about apartments and such, but hopefully we'll find the right house for us soon...I'm not going to question God's timing though. He seems to have things under control.


Suzi said...

Wow, congratulations on such a fast sell. I can help with whatever you need, help packing, or help watching kids so you can pack. Boy, I bet you never even considered it would go that fast. We had our 1st townhouse in Sioux Falls sell like that, luckily we had our 2nd place ready to move into right away and I had a husband who was able to move everything.

JJ and EJ said...

Wowza! Congrats! I'll be prayin' for you guys (as always!) : ).

nydampress said...

Hey! Congrats! That was quick!
Houses around here stay for sale for a million days (good for us),and about half of them are foreclosures (bad for us).

And Aaron is having knee surgery? Booo! I guess being skilled at multiple sports can catch up with you. Good thing he can still play GH while in recovery :)

Noel said...

Wow, that was a providentially fast sale. I had looked carefully in the _Forum_ for the open house announcement and now I know why I didn't find it.

Was the Zoo Como Park which I frequented in the 1960s or the "new" Minnesota Zoo.

Ruth said...


that is amazing! no more cleaning/prepping for open houses! and perhaps the perfect house will fall in your lap. a block from mom. on the northside (says tim) of fargo. which is the only place to be. word.

WOW that is really crazy. call you tomorrow for a vocal congratulations!

Aaron said...

Liz, if you move to Mom and Dad's area, imagine this: when Leah gets older, she can ride a bike to grandma's house. That is some pretty epic cute there.

I hope Aaron's surgery goes well. Hopefully he will be able to crush us all at candlepin bowling once again.