Friday, March 14, 2008

Cute Overload strikes again

If you have not found this site, you are seriously missing out on a good time-waster. That and Scrabulous (Facebook is where it's AT!)

So, there's this trend going on over at CO with people sending in photos of their pets with treats balanced on their paws...or plain eating distance. And now there's this video of a Japanese (what else?) game show about this trick. And ohmygoodness, are people up in arms over it. Some call it cute and/or funny (I'm one of them...stinkin' hilarious) and others are crying torture and/or animal cruelty. You can decide.

For me, that chimp sneaking his hand over to the bananas like, "Maybe if I just touch it a leetle he won't notice..." is primo video clippage.

And I'm so glad we get to see those patient animals demolish the treats. Yay, them!

This may lead to our promised discussion on cats...

1 comment:

Aaron said...

I think this is a branch of the fascination with Oolong the rabbit (google it). I did feel sorry for that drooling lab.