Monday, March 24, 2008

My "Is Done" List

1. Wrote my 100th blog post, appropriately, about one of my now-favorite Austen stories, Emma.

Drove the kids with me on three different errands:
2. Dropped off shredding (piles of really old bank records, etc.) at no charge! Thank you, receptionist at Record Keepers!

3. Dropped off a huge box of clothes at Boys Ranch.

4. Went to the library to get new books on CD for our trip to the Cities this weekend. The kids did so well...that new Carlson library is so much nicer to take kids!

5. Started and folded 4 or so loads of laundry.

6. Put dinner in the crockpot.

7. Attended MOMS Club book club, the novel that I finished yesterday afternoon. Dealt with Leah having a very emotional playdate with friend L. who apparently didn't want to play with least not exactly the way Leah WANTED him to play with her.

8. After dinner, the whole family went to Walmart for those last minute necessities - light bulbs, Swiffer duster refills, peanut butter, etc.

9. Cleaned sink with some fantastic cleaning stuff. It's shining! With very little elbow grease. Perfect.
10. Cleaned the light cover for the kitchen overhead light.

11. Washed the fan cover for the master bathroom.

12. Put Ben to bed, and bathed Leah. Leah to bed.

13. Washed the window over the door (using an 8' ladder).

14. Ate some Cherry M&M's . Very good. Recommended.

15. Talked to Mom on the phone.

16. Called the hotel we are staying at to check on shuttle service for Aaron to get to his conference. Also called the conference hotel to check for cancellations. Nope. They are stilled "fully committed".

17. Making my to-do list for the last full day before vacating the house. YIKES!


Anonymous said...

You probably already know this...but the Cities have the best Children's Museum for kiddos that are around our kids' age. We were definitely glad that we stopped by on our recent trip up!

Steph T.

mama.nichols4 said...

Wow Liz, I recommend you come to my house next! What a list of accomplishments.

Noel said...

Wow. Please come to our house, too.

We like the Science Museum of Minnesota in St Paul and were last there for Bodyworlds (I have the T-shirt to prove it).

JJ and EJ said...

Have a great time in the cities! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you during the Open House!