Sunday, March 2, 2008

Supporting PBS

I just pledged a decent amount of cash to PBS. You are probably admiring my altruistic tendencies and wishing you could be so generous. But don't fool yourself. I only did it for the gifts.

Last year I scored tickets to the Blue Man Group when they were here in Fargo. We've been wanting to see them for awhile, and we had great seats for a very impressive show - except for the highly annoying kid behind us. That's another post. Remind me.

Tonight, I got myself my own copy of Bleak House (novel by Charles Dickens). I borrowed a friend's copy and loved it - not enough to pick up the VERY thick book, yet...- and now I get my own! I'll also be getting my very own Complete Jane Austen mug. Yay!

You should call and get something fun, too! Or forego the gift, and be completely unselfish. Show me up. I don't mind. I got my goodies, and I'm happy!


Aaron said...


I had to stop watching public TV because my dog was learning to beg.

Ruth said...

ouch aaron! good for you, liz! especially because your kids love ruff ruffman so much. i also watch arthur on a daily basis.

Noel said...

I may have gotton a gift from PBS once in the pre-cambrain era (which actually has a cost since that part of the donation is not tax deductable), that is before the time of the purple dinosaur and the 1996(?) comet named after Baby Bop.

However, we did have regrets of not scoring front area tickets to Blue Man Group by making a donation and having to settle for good, but full price tickets center and a ways from the stage. It was my big birthday event with daughter TJ. As she consoled me on the birthday splurge, TJ noted that the tickets were less expensive than going to see BMG live in Vegas or Chicago, especially after pro-rated hotel and airfare were included. Having gotton free tickets to Moody Blues and Amy Grant in year's pass, it also didn't look too bad for the average cost of tickets to all three of my big FargoDome concerts.

-- Noel from Moline, IL

Noel said...

PS we do support Prarie Public annually. Favorite shows

* Globe Trekker (N and I)
* Rick Steves in Europe (N and I)
* Nova (N)
* Frontline (N)
* Victory Garden (I and N)
* Nature (N, I, T, and L)
* Masterpiece Theatre (I)