Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We'll wait for long division, too.

Leah has this Time & Money workbook that she's enjoying. We stopped at the half hour section on Time, but this Money thing is fun! We are working on nickels now, which means counting by fives would be helpful. I started by writing a list of "the fives" along with how many nickels equal that: 2-10, 3-15, 4-20, etc. This has helped, but Mom figured she had a better way...write out 1-10 in a row, and then 11-20 underneath, etc. Then highlite the 5's column and the 10's column as a visual.

Mom showed this to Leah, and right away, her first comment was: "Can you write a bunch of numbers so I can highlight them?"

I think multiplication may be a little beyond her.

She had her first day in her new level of gymnastics today, too, which I have been nervously anticpating since I became one of those moms who push their kids into classes beyond the recommendation of their teachers. Coach Mary was a little hesitant to give me the green lite to sign her up for Super Tots, but I was sure she'd do fine. Which she DID! Besides being too short to reach the bars, she did just fine. Paid attention, followed directions, and did pretty well for her first time. I'm so relieved! Because it's really just a reflection on my parenting, of course.


Aaron said...

It's funny how many "advanced" things we do everyday. From writing cursive to counting by 5's, adult life is hard for a toddler. Can't wait to teach her to integrate in terms of x!

mama.nichols4 said...

Way to go Leah!! Don't let mommy & daddy push you too hard, you might run out of things to learn. ;)

Noel said...

Gotta like a girl who's into she just has to wait 15 years until she's allowed to write in text books.

JJ and EJ said...

All throughout my planner I have little highlights on certain dates from when Leah was "helping" me with schoolwork one time I was there. It is so fun to open a new week and see a little highlight and think of you guys! I guess it brightens my day..... pun intended! hee!

Ruth said...

i volunteer to teach leah the basics of accounting (the accural system only) and finance (only for beginners).

nice tagline! very cute. not as cute as my post about sneezes.