Thursday, March 6, 2008

Movie: Wild Hogs

Yes. You read right. My decidedly non-Harley husband and I, who are not yet middle-aged, watched this movie about four middle-age guys and their motorcycles. And yes, every easy joke was fully taken advantage of.

What made it more entertaining for me was imagining my dad (owner of a bright yellow Victory) and my uncle/godfadda Dean (owner of an honest-to-goodness Harley) on their yearly cross-country ride, standing up to a rowdy gang of honest-to-goodness BIKERS. I'd like to think that they'd be smart enough not to stop at that particular establishment in the first place, but testosterone has been known to make people do odd things.

Anyway. Do you know who is IN this movie? Testosterone. Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, and, um, William H. Macy (whose bare bottom I have now seen TWICE). Also, Ray Liotta and John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox from Scrubs, playing disturbingly against type). It was worth watching the movie just to see these guys play off each other, especially in the extras.

And there WERE a couple of females! And they are a couple of my favs: Jill Hennesey (Crossing Jordan) and Marissa Tomei. Those gals are great!

My favorite line, said by William Macy: "The music moves me, but it moves me ugly." Ha ha!

Also, I found this hilarious: In the outtakes section, three of the guys are laying on an air mattress sleeping, waiting to start the scene. Travolta is facing the camera, with Macy's arm draped over him.

*click* scene starts. Travolta's head jerks up, " What, what the..." And Macy says, "Okay, wait a minute," to the crew, and to Travolta, "Did you fall asleep?" Travolta, sleepily, "Yeeahhh..."

After I got done laughing, I felt kind of bad for him. I mean, that's a rude awakening.

This movie is not for movie snobs. Aaron and I laugh at all the cheap shots, and enjoy all the easy jokes. If you do, too, and don't mind a few naughty words or naked butts (there's a nice shot of McGinley's, too), you'll probably enjoy this movie. But don't gripe to me if you don''ve been warned.

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Noel said...

Not exactly "The Men of Jane Austen"....

-- Middle-aged in Moline