Monday, March 10, 2008

Photos on Demand

So, certain members of my family are requesting more photos of the kids. And since I know where I get my bread-and-butter (that is, comments...) I'll comply.

We don't have dogs, so we borrow our neighbors. In the summer the kids watch Skip and Ally from the deck, but it's covered with a foot and a half of snow right now. They settled for watching from a chair inside.

Friends Amber & John visited with their baby N - she's 3 months old, and Ben was enraptured. He used to be jealous when I'd hold another baby, but in the last couple of months he finds them thrilling. As I was holding N, my arms straight out (cause this 3 mo. old likes to stand, not cuddle...aren't her parents in for fun?!) , Ben ducked under my arm, sat on my lap, and poked her right in the eye! I really don't think he meant to...he was just pointing at her cute face, and didn't realize how close she was. Yes, that was it.

Leah with princess pals J, Lydia, and A. Guess what? Lydia's mommy Valerie started a blog, too! Of course, Leah will be having a princess birthday party this May, along with at least 2 of her friends.

Grandma got coerced into a game of Go Fish - Barbie style. Matching colors and shapes. Ben gets the matches, so that he's happy and doesn't go monster on the whole pile.

Here is Ben and his two buds Gavin and Nolan, from the Maus House. Somehow mom Crystal and I have ended up buying them several matching outfits, including their coats & hats for this winter. This is the first photo we've got of them, and only because the boys came over to play and Ben wanted to fit in!
So here's a funny story about these three little boys. Crystal and the boys came over to bring me a shamrock plant. We chatted for a couple minutes (to our husbands, that usually means half an hour, but this time it really was just a couple minutes) and then they headed home. I got upstairs, and the doorbell rang. Crystal's at the door, and I'm all, "What the...?" And I realize she's standing there holding BEN by the hand! He's not wearing a coat or shoes! Apparently, he'd been standing by the storm door when I opened it for the Maus gang, and slipped out SOMEHOW without me seeing. I guess he's a Houdini. Anyway, Crystal said he went down the steps and was all ready to play... Before you get too concerned, it was actually 32 degrees today, so he didn't get frostbit.
There, is that enough for you aunties?


nydampress said...
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nydampress said...

What's that? Ben finds another baby thrilling?? Looks like it's time to add to the brood!
Anything to make the kids happy :)

THANK YOU for the pictures!

Aaron said...

Excellent photos. Love the triplets one, especially, and the kids staring at dogs. GET THEM A DOG. Please.