Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cleaning Up After Ourselves

Currently, I'm sitting peacefully in our hotel room in Minneapolis while Ben continues his well-deserved nap and Leah entertains herself. But oh, things were not always this calm and serene.

Let's take a look back, shall we?

Tuesday evening: Carpets are still wet from being shampooed (during which the kids were at Grandma's and I was in Grand Forks with my college pal Dawn-yay!) This means I can't move the furniture back into the living room yet, which means I can't clean the kitchen/dining room floors as expected.

Wednesday morning: My to-do list is publishable. In the FANTASY genre. Clean and vacuum three bathrooms, Swiffer, vacuum and wet Swiffer kit/dining floor, run a duster over the obvious areas, generally tidy up, and OH YEAH, take all the stuff out of the guest room that belongs in the previously damp family room. And the entry room floors need to be cleaned, too.

AND finish packing for our 4 day trip.

We got out of the house close to my expected time of departure. Aaron was SuperDad, not only by reminding me that freaking out completely wouldn't get the cleaning done any sooner, but he also took both kids to Leah's gymnastics class, came home to do a couple last minute repairs, and then loaded up the van and took the kids to pick up lunch at McDonald's. Boy, did I need those kids out of the house!

By the time the got back with the food, I was all done and waiting. The only thing I forgot to pack was the kids' life jackets for the hotel pool. And Aaron's swim trunks. But we supported the economy in Alexandria at the Walmart, so Aaron now has THREE pairs of swim trunks.

We stopped for dinner with Auntie Jess & Uncle Dave and the guys played some Wii...which means we ended up getting to our hotel at about 8:30pm, just after Ben had fallen asleep...for the night. Leah fell asleep earlier, but woke up for about and hour or so once we arrived.

It was a rough night, mostly resulting from neither Aaron or I having Leah go potty before bed. 'Nough said.

Thursday morning: Both kids got baths, and then we drove to a playland area to meet a friend and her two kids. HOWEVER. I made several bad direction decisions which meant we spent about an hour driving the 10 minutes it should have taken us. Oi. But we made it and fun was had by all!

Now you are officially caught up. Our "realtor's open house" is Friday, after which I am expecting a call from our own personal realtor. I'm really curious to hear what "the experts" have to say!

Sunday is our "Please, PLEASE, buy our house" open house. If you pray, please pray for lots of interest, and the miracle of an offer right away. 'Cause I really don't want a repeat of Wed. morning.


Noel said...

The New Brighton playplace looked pretty cool. Is the realtor the former Moorhead 8th Ave barrista?

Will we get to hear about the conference? Even just a link for inquiring minds would be nice.

Will the house sell or will Lyz have to clean up again and impress us all?

Will spring ever come to Fargo?

Sooooo many questions.....

JJ and EJ said...

Yay for 100 posts. You are a writing machine.

Noel said...

With Lyz out of town and appearently unable to post, let me pass along a couple pieces of information:

(1) With Prairie Public TV back on normal schedule, MPT will have "Sense and Sensibility: Part 1" on Sunday night. Please do not watch it while driving or operating heavy machinery.

(2) On Facebook, there is a "Which Jane Austin heroin are you?" quiz.