Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Status: on the Move

Here's where we stand on our prospective move. Because I know you need an update.

Boxes packed: Many. I've cleared the house of nearly all knick-knack type items. The kids closets have been nearly emptied. Our laundry room has clean work space for the first time in years. Well, two years.

Heaviest box/size: Contains Aaron's golf ball collection, our decorative water fountain (about 1 cubic foot in size - probably about 5 pounds itself) plus three small cement sculptures. Not the best packing move, admittedly.

Cleaning: Um, I've wiped down the bottoms of the toilets. And I'm agonizing over all the vents and and ledges that are yet to be cleaned. And HOW to keep windows clean? Not to mention our kitchen table, which is Leah's art station, and our counter, which is where paperwork goes to die.

Prospective houses seen (and rejected): Five.

Houses on the roster to see (and reject): Four. Aaron has ALREADY rejected two of them.

Great features that are deal killers for us: Indoor pool. Riverside lot. Detached garage - do you KNOW how cold it has been this winter?

And there we stand, folks. Hopefully sometime this month we'll get this house on the market. Somehow. Any advice for keeping your sanity? That isn't from H&G TV?


mama.nichols4 said...

Sorry Liz.. I know nothing other than HGTV. Just kidding.

Make a list of tasks and estimate what you can get done in X amount of time. When you have a few minutes, look at the list to see what you have to do that fits into the time you have, it will make getting the task done much less daunting, and hopefully not so easy to put off.

Windows are fun for the kids to clean, give them a windex wipe (Leah anyway) and let them go wild, that goes for mirrors too. Alex LOVES to clean, he would do it all day if I let him.

As far as the art supplies, use an empty box and give Leah her own space in a cabinet. Once she's done being artsy, it can be her job to put everything away, like "a big girl."

Aside from all that, remember one thing, sanity is over rated! Ha, ha!

Noel said...

I agree with the deal killers.

We looked at houses in September and October and then made our decision on our November honeymoon and moved in about 2 months after our wedding. My wife was not too thrilled at moving to my two bedroom GUY GEEK apartment where (1) The larger of the two bedrooms was dedicated to books and the computer (2) the smaller of the two bedrooms had a single bed and filing cabinets used to store underwear and socks and (3) the fouton in the livingroom folded out as a double bed. Now those types of accomodations you won't see on HGTV!

Aaron said...

noel's apartment sounds like my setup in college: stolen milk-crates stacked together to make a shelf-system for clothes storage (i.e. no bureau).

Other deal killers: Angry badgers, built on ancient burial ground, current owner is taking solid-gold toilet with them (I'm looking at you, Master P.)