Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And a HONK in your general direction, too.

I used my van's horn yesterday. Of course, I had to locate it first.

The whole family was in the van, heading out of a parking lot. We were behind a sedan moving ve--ry slow--ly. I get very ageist when I'm driving, and I assumed that it was an elderly lady. She was driving in about the middle of the road, so I couldn't get around either side even if I'd wanted to. Aaron and I were commenting on how slow we were going, just as the car in front was getting close to the stop sign. That's when we noticed that it was a much younger girl on a cell phone.

She pulled up to the stop sign, and pointed her car to turn right, but had no blinker on.

And ....

we waited....

Aaron says, "Honk!"

and I searched, and said, "beep-beep!" Well, I didn't say it, but you know what I mean. There was no little polite beep from me, it was most certainly indignant.

She got a little startled, and then turned...wait for it...LEFT.

She truly deserved to be honked at.

We decided that even if she had been calling for directions, she had just driven past a huge parking lot, perfect for pulling over into.

And then today, someone actually honked at me! We were headed to see another house (yes, we are still in that phase) and I drove through a yellow light at an intersection. Another van opposite of us, already in the intersection, was trying to turn left. And apparently, I was supposed to let her go before driving through it myself, because she honked at me! And as Aaron says, it gets my dander up. Even HE agreed that the traffic laws were on my side, and Aaron is highly critical of my driving (especially since he's been riding shotgun these days).

The nerve. Some people just don't know when to honk and when NOT to.


Noel said...

Will have to defer to Lyz's Big City siblings for expert commentary on car honking...

The Lovely Wife said...

Several states have made it illegal to talk on the cell while driving--Its people like that, that the laws were made because of. Sounds like she is definitely not a multi-tasker, or a mom.

Wait till your kids are in their teens and learning to drive. You have a whole new appreciation for the horn, the brake that the driver's ed car has, as well as for how slow or fast you may or may not be going.

mama.nichols4 said...

Would you believe that Alex is already aware of my driving?! Today on the way to an appointment he said "oh, we were almost in an accident." Seeing as how he's now seated in the back seat of our van AND he's still only four, I chose to mildly ignore his comment because we were nowhere near an accident. We were just going around a corner and it happened that at the same time a big truck was meeting us, in their own lane, we were all doing the right thing, no honking necessary! I'm afraid to admit it but I think Alex is a bit sexist cause he doesn't comment at all about Ben's driving. Ugg!

I'm glad to know you made it safely to your destination. I tend to become fairly vocal when I'm driving, especially when I encounter people that aren't doing the right thing, how dare they?! ;)