Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Missing In Action

Hello there, Internet. I know it's been a couple of days, but I assure you I still think of you as fondly as in previous, more reliably routine days.

We are at our new temporary house, and our "old" house is almost entirely packed up. My parents will lend their incredibly helpful hands in hauling out the remainder tonight. Some final cleaning tomorrow, and we should be all done.

Many friends from church helped us out Sunday afternoon, and with the aid of a large U-Haul truck, all of the large -and small- furniture was cleared out. Also, friend Joy is a packing whirlwind, and she alone put me about a day & a half ahead of schedule! So now I am enjoying the luxury of sitting here updating you on our progress, and NOT freaking out about how much is left to pack.

What I am currently amazed at is how much of what we are moving is disposable: lightbulbs, food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, toilet paper, kleenex... You think you can just use up that stuff before you move, but it didn't seem to work that way for us. Especially since we bought the mega-pack of paper towels at Sam's Club a while back.

In fact, I would ban shopping at Sam's 6 months before moving.

Aaron is still on crutches, and his surgeon just confirmed that he shouldn't go back to work for another 2 1/2 weeks, which means 4 1/2 weeks total of home time. He has been managing to be productive by taking care of all the "paperwork" of moving. You know. Cancelling utilities, changing Ben's speech appointments, and figuring out our internet connection.

We close on the house Thursday morning, and that night Crystal and I are hitting Monte's for martinis. Aw, YEAH!


Noel said...

Good to hear things are wrapping up well. Had you been off-line much longer, though, we would have been forced to activate the Emergency 19th Century Literature Criticism Network (and if you missed MPT Sunday night, we may still have to...)

JJ and EJ said...

Hey Noel - it's good to put a face to your words! Nice to meet you Sunday! : )

Ruth said...

i in no way envy your current position.

however, i am jealous that you have several helping hands and a home to stay in.

i can't believe HOW SIMILAR we are right now...creepy.

Suzi said...

Are you having virgin martinis or real martinis?

Wow, Ben's talking now and you've moved out of the house. The next thing we're gonna hear is that you're pregnant. Of course then again, you wouldn't be drinking martinis.

Boy, now when I drive down 7th Avenue (by your old house,)there will be new people outside on the deck. Not that you guys were ever out when I drove by, but I always looked for you, and I would've waved too! :)

You guys will have to come over soon so the kids can play and we can catch up.

mama.nichols4 said...

Whoo hooo!!!

Missed you Liz!