Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So here's the deal.

Here's the breakdown of the last week or so.

Sunday: Church, pizza lunch, EJ & JJ arrive, and he and I go to get the Uhaul. It took wa-a-y longer than I expected, and while we were there, I missed saying goodbye to my sibs and their spouses. Boo.

The three of us prepped furniture for moving, while we stressed out about not having enough other people to help. And then the troops arrived! Yay, Salem! And my folks! We had plenty of help, the truck was filled and emptied at our 2nd storage unit before 5pm. Oh, and Joy packed & cleaned most of my kitchen. And then LOTS of Chinese food. We got the kids settled at Caroline's, and I was just thinking that maybe I could catch part of Cranford, but then we realized the although we had brought the TV with us, we had left the antennae at the other house. So over I went again, and grabbed a couple other things, too. I got back at 10:30pm. Snooze.

Here's the story on the house: Caroline and her husband Dan bought this house when she started grad school here in town because they live in a little town 2 hours away. Now CC has graduated and the house is on the market. But, they have very generously offered for us to rent it while they are trying to get it sold. It's pretty fun to live in someone else's house, especially when that someone has such good taste as Caroline. I've admired that taste since we were freshmen suitemates at Cottey.

Monday: I headed back to the house to finish packing and loaded up the van. And again in the afternoon. Joy came over again! Can you believe it? I couldn't.

We were doing so well, I gave my folks the night off. So that I could go have dinner with some gal pals.

Tuesday: Headed back on over to the "old" house, where friend Grace and I finished packing everything else up. Mostly the basement stuff. That evening Mom & Dad - and Dad's cousin Laura, with a pickup- cleared out everything. It equaled 3 pickup loads and 2 van loads. And, we finished at 10:30pm.

Wednesday: Cleaning day. I was apparently a bit late - for cleaning my own house - because friends Rose, Joy & Anne were already there! Can you believe THAT? Anyway, it was all done in an hour and a half. THAT was excellent.

Thursday: Closing day. We met the buyers outside the title office, where we said they could go ahead and keep the sandbox and the microwave. Also the root beers I had forgotten in the fridge the day before. And they said that the house had looked great at the walk through the night before. Whew. We left every single nail and screw in the wall. And we had quite a few, folks.


Part II: Find us a house. To be continued.

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