Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who's a Honey?

We were at a backyard playdate today, and the kids were running wild. With about 10 other kids. They were happily distracted, and I was having a good time visiting with the moms and keeping one eye occasionally on them.

I started hearing the sounds of dissent ion, so I headed over to the swing-set. Two other moms were there and commented on how well the kids were playing, so I didn't interfere. Yet. I just watched as Leah proceeded to do her mad-stomping-pouting routine around the area. Clearly, this was a woman on a mission.

In just a bit, she came over crying. "L. (a boy) called me honey! I don't LIKE it when he calls me honey! I want to be a mommy too!"

I clarified to L. that there could be more than one mommy, and that Leah didn't like being called honey. Although I really had no idea what that was all about.

On the way home, I asked Leah (who ended up having so much fun she didn't want to leave!) what they played.
Leah: Well, we played house.
Me: So, were you and H. and A. all mommies?
Leah: No, just H. and I were mommies.
Me: Oh! What was A.?
Leah: She was a honey.

O-o-h. So a honey is....a daughter? I get it now!

I also have to include this funny little conversation I had with another mom friend, Erika.
Me: I have to stop at Lowe's to get some carrot seed for my mom.
Erika: Oh, does that help things grow better?
Me: Well, um, yeah...carrots. It's carrot seeds.
Erika laughs at herself!

I thought it was very cute, and totally something I would have said myself. Erika has the most adorable little 20 month old daughter, who was trying to hit a ball of a T-ball stand. She wanted another ball that was out of her reach, so she pointed to it and basically did a Ben-style grunt. Erika said, "You can get it!" and her little angel pouted and yelled, "MOMMY DO!"

I pretty much died laughing. Erika said, "At least Ben can't boss you around yet!"
Oh yes, he does. And it so much more embarrassing because he manages to do it without words.


Suzi said...

Ok, I'm assuming the culprit in your first story was my "L." I'm really not sure why he called her honey. I'm sure I occaisionally call both kids honey, but not all the time.

But the funny thing is, he was talking about it too later. I asked him about playing with Leah and he told me how she wanted to be a mommy. But because H was a mommy, there could only be one. And he was the daddy of course.

I've since asked him again and he told me the same thing. When I asked why Leah couldn't be a mommy, he said there couldn't be 2 mommies. She had to be a honey, like A. So I asked him what a honey was. "Like a little sister."

So I guess we'll have to talk about how when they play, there can be 2 mommies. (or 3 or 4 or however many there are!) And that everyone is allowed to be who they want to be.

At least now you know that a honey is a good thing!

Noel said...

I think I've had a revelation here. When I travel on business to Moline, IL, some women working counters at hotels, rental car booths, etc call me "Hon" which seems a bit familar. In thinking about a shaggy, tired, middled aged mad scientist type walking up to the counter, the probably mean "Hun" as in "Atilla" which makes much more sense.