Monday, May 12, 2008

Maybe she IS ready for that algebra...

This is our sweet Leah, talking to Grandma GiGi on the phone on her 4th birthday. She's an old pro at using the phone, and now she even says goodbye to the person on the line, instead of just handing the phone over in the middle of a sentence. It's kind of awkward to listen to your mother talk 4 year-old to you.

Tonight she was sitting on Grandma Claudia's lap playing Tic-Tac-Toe, and then started drawing a couple of lines. She said, "This is the pulley, but I can't draw the weights."


I said, "Are you doing physics?"

And where did she pick this up? Ruff Ruffman, of course.

Then we taught her Hangman, which lead to a little lesson about vowels. I figured, why not? She's clearly ready.

She was in the middle of the word "DOG" when she heard the distinct theme song of Mario Galaxy. And HOLY COW, you would have thought the ice cream truck was driving by with tiaras and crowns. She yelped, "Dad's playing Wii! I have to go watch!" and bolted.

Oo-kay. The vowels will wait for another day.


Noel said...

Physics, BEAUTIFUL spring weather, grandmas, and vowels...what more could a child of the 21st century ask for?

nydampress said...

Leah certainly knows where it's at. Mario trumps vowels any day in my book as well.

Uncle and Aunt invasion in T minus 3 days!

Aaron said...

Mario trumps vowels? Without vowels, Mario is just Mr.