Thursday, May 15, 2008

Talking up a Slight Sprinkling of Precipitation

Here are the words that Ben (age 2 years and 1 month) says fairly regularly:

Mo- (mom)
Da (dad)
dow (down)
dis one?
dat one?
right dere?
ooo - (what a cow says)
pants for a dog

Here are words that have been heard but not repeated:
nana (banana)
go (used to be rather frequent)

His speech therapy sessions bring out the naughty in him - with Mom, Dad AND Leah watching, he feels the pressure to show off and not cooperate. Which is why our move is coming at a good time. Our temporary house will be just down the street from therapist Nancy's office, and we'll start going there instead of her coming to our house as she has been doing. Hopefully without the family distractions he'll be a better student.

He has been doing some sign language, and yesterday he did the sign for "help" all on his own! Aunties & uncles who will soon witness this first hand should be warned that Ben rubbing his belly-area is sign for "please". And touching his pointer fingers together means "more". And you'll be advised to pay attention, because if that attempt at communication doesn't work, Benjamin resorts directly to screeching and repeating "eh-eh-eh" until he breaks down your defenses and you give him whatever he wants. ANYTHING! JUST STOP THE INCESSANT WHINING! For the love of everything good and beautiful!


Stacie Anderson said...

Yeah Ben! He's saying quite a few words now :) Keep up the good work!

mama.nichols4 said...

The incessant whining doesn't stop even if they are able to communicate more, it just becomes easier to understand. At least with age comes the ability for them to understand reasoning though, but at the same time the knack of deviance is acquired.. kids! How will we ever survive this parenting thing?!

Sorry, momentary loss of self control.. long day with 4 kids doesn't help either. ;)

Ben has come a long way, soon he'll be talking in full sentences and you'll wonder what the worry was all about. What to go Ben!! :)

Noel said...

I didn't see "porta-potty" on the list.

Quite a few have sprung up at the Dome and then on the way to work after lunch today, there were a pair of yellow porta-potties every half block on 14th Ave N at about mile 1.25. Makes me wonder if they expect that many spectators or if in a group of 12,000 runners, a lot will need to go potty in the first 20 minutes.

Go M-Team! I plan to be at mile 1.5on Oak Street, a block and a half after the route turns South from El Zagel golf course. Bonus points if I can get a custom sign done....