Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You are officially NO HELP.

Last night, we were all at that grand, wonderful place called Target. I think this may make me materialistic, but sometimes (always) I feel better just being in that store. Everything is just so pretty.

As we were at the checkout, the Target Dude was bagging our purchases. Over comes a cute gal, who asked: "Are my keys here? I think I dropped them..." And Dude says, while looking almost enthusiastically down the back of the bag stand, "Oh...yeah...I think I heard them...I put them in some guy's bag..."

I'm all, WHA-A-A? Why would you do that?

Poor Girl: looking as though she might actually be grasping at straws..."Do you know what he looks like?"

Dude: "It's hard to explain..."

Poor Girl: "Could we find him in the parking lot..." She's really down to the last straw...

At this point, we are ready to head out, and as much as I'd like to help, I think the Dude has BEING USELESS completely covered, all on his own.

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