Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In Full Armor

Aaron has allergies. Also, after having Lasik eye surgery, he was told to avoid anything dusty for 2 weeks. Mowing (or de-thatching, really) the lawn was therefore out, at least for him. And me, having grown up in a delightfully sexist family, had not mowed a lawn until I was 23 years of age. I think I did it twice.

It was a hard, nay, impossible sell.

Aaron said he could wear a dust mask for the allergies, and then I had the brilliant! idea of swimming goggles to protect his expensive perfect vision. We found a pair at Walmart, and the trooper went to work.

This is true love, folks: Aaron was willing to look like a total doofus just so my lazy rear end wouldn't have to do a chore I really dislike. I hope that one day, I, too, can look like a complete dork to prove my eternal affection.

Also, note the sweatpants. If anyone knows the source of basic sweatpants at a basic price, please let me know. Father's Day and Aaron's birthday are both coming up soon.


Aaron said...

That is some serious dorkitude. I think the sweatpants make him look dorkier than the goggles/mask combo though.

Stacie Anderson said...

You lazy bum! ;)

Suzi said...

What a guy!

Noel said...

As a guy who hasn't mowed the yard in 15 years, I'd have to say Aaron's dedication is impressive. What floor of the Husband Store is he from?

Our family's spring allergies are also on the upswing. Sigh....sniffle sniffle.

mama.nichols4 said...

Good ole Walmart saves the day!

Maybe you should talk to a lawyer about Aaron's eye surgeon.. he must be partially blind now or something cause why on earth would he go out looking like that if he could see himself? Oh, I remember.. It's love! ;)

The Lovely Wife said...

I can relate to never having mowed the lawn. I know its sexist but it was always my dad and my bros job. Im almost 40 and wouldn't know how to turn the mower on if I had to.

I must say your neighbors must have gotten a kick out of your husbands attire.

Ruth said...

ha! mama nichols makes me laugh.

yes, Mr. Sweatpants shall be his name. we meberg ladies really know how to pick them.

and by the way. i mowed puh-lenty of lawns, lady, especially the mammoth one in surrounding the farm house.

with a push mower! crazy.

Noel said...

Combining the the picture of the goggled and masked man with Leah's birthday pix, I noticed that whereas many storybook princesses marry the frog that turned into a prince, this princess has a father who turned into a frog...

Aaron needs to get well soon so all is once again well in storybook land ;-)