Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dance Like No One's Watching

It's a trite line, but kids do it all the time...even more so when a video camera IS watching.

One of my favorite bloggers, Maggie Mason, posted this video on her site, and although I could link you right to it on YouTube, I'm going to make you go through Mighty Girl, just so you have to check her out.

This gal dancing with her little girl self is such a fabulous idea...It should almost be mandatory. I think my child-like dancing consisted mostly of running in circles to music The Firebird ballet. Of course, these days I might have a harder time talking brother David into wearing a full slip and dancing with me.

I also remember doing a lot of bouncing off of couches while going crazy to the musical CATS soundtrack. When I actually got to see it live (by myself!) I sat on the edge of my seat for the entire overture, and had tears in my eyes for a good portion of it. It's amazing to see in real life the music to which you've grown up listening.

Okay, so what do you remember dancing to as a wee one? Do you have it on video? Have you choreographed an adult dance to the same music?


Aaron said...

We should really be upset with mom and dad... all the cool old albums they had, and what songs wound up engraved in our memories? The CATS and TOP GUN soundtracks. Thanks folks.

Noel said...

From phy ed and 4-H there was square dancing. Fortunately video technology was in its infancy at the time and no record exists. Going back before that, the Twist was new and in vogue.

JJ and EJ said...

My cousins (both younger), my brother and I would put on "shows" to records my Grandma and Grandpa had. I can still sing "Oh, Sweet Pea, won't you dance with me? Won't ya won't ya won't ya dance with me-eee-ee?" I'm not sure of the title even, just the whole song! I of course was always the leader as the oldest (and bossiest). The end was always something involving me throwing our youngest and tiniest cousin up in the air.

Stacie Anderson said...

I used to dance around and make up dance moves to Billy Joel. I still listen to his music once in awhile and recall what a nerd I was!

Dawn said...

I remember putting on this ruffly pink skirt over my shorts or pants - a skirt that would "spin out". Then, twirling around in circles until I got dizzy, and then twirling the other way, I would lose myself in "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac.

mama.nichols4 said...

Oh what fun! I remember dancing around the house, watching myself in any reflective surface.. windows, tv screen, oven door, microwave.. I've seen a lot of that spirit in Serenity. :)