Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 3 and counting...

Today was the third day in a row that I haven't left the house. It wasn't so much because of the snow, but because Aaron's car is dead (and parked on the street...oops) so he took my van to work. Thankfully, my Tuesday morning Bible study is on Christmas break, and I didn't have anything else really planned.

And also, thankfully, we moved into this great house. Spending 3 days cooped up inside of our old house usually resulted in a very crabby Liz who needed to leave immediately after Aaron's return from work. Or at least after dinner. But now, there's so much more space for the kids to run that they are not underfoot quite as much, and besides. There's that much more cleaning/picking up to do, also.

Anyway. It's probably actually a blessing that I've been required to stay home, because I have a lot of holiday stuff to accomplish around here, and I'll keep procrastinating if possible. Here's what I got done today:

1. Laundry

2. Finished and ordered TWO digital scrapbooks - one each for my grandma and grandpa (they are not a pair!)

3. Baked a double batch of candy cane cookies with Mom. I don't know why you would ever try to make them by yourself. Leah helped us with the rolling out.

4. Helped Leah finish her bread ornaments. Which included giving her (and Ben) paint with glitter mixed in. I mentally gave myself 10 points for bravery. And I gave Leah 20 points for not throwing a fit when 3 off the 5 original ornaments broke. Ben ate one of them.

5. Made and baked a double batch of Peppermint Meltaways - future gifts for neighbors. Still need to be frosted.

6. Dinner, clean up, kids to bed...that normal stuff. Still counts, though.

Aaron borrowed a snowblower from a co-worker/friend, so our driveway is finally a double again. What a guy - he's been at it all evening, between getting boards to load the blower, driving across town to pick it up, and then actually using it...
Here a few of the photos I took yesterday:
Yes, that little white car across the street in our currently-useless 2nd vehicle.
PS - Just half an hour ago we got the car into the garage, pulling it into the driveway with the van, and then pushing it into the garage. Aaron even managed to save the license plate by putting an extra roll of carpet padding between the two vehicles. Clever! Now, let's just hope he can get it started.

And Mom, you should be able to back out without getting stuck...again. Sorry 'bout that.

Looking forward to Day 4 of the Great Indoors...


Noel said...

Yesterday I also got my picture taken to record the facial hair with icicles for posterity. That drift looks thick and nasty as well as high.

This morning I was thankful it didn't reach -30 F and that the snowplow didn't leave very much snow in the driveway when it went by. Hope you get your car resurrected soon.

Ruth said...

peppermint cookie recipes that are not in my collection? come one liz. SHARE.

i drove to campus for the FIRST time ever and got caught in the massive snow storm. A 30 minute drive turned into 3 hours. Awful.

THAT is why it's not like the olden days. There are more PEOPLE. Less horse and oxen and the like.

Noel said...

I'm go on record in having confidence that handy Aaron will get the car running.

Lyz, have you ever read Ole Rolvaag's _Giant's in the Earth_? The winter chapters came to mind during your description of home with kids. For me it was required reading in HS American lit.

Lyz said...

Ruth - I'll post the recipe after they are finished and I know they are edible...Aaron is exasperated over my need to experiment with new holiday cookie recipes.

Noel- Oh, he'll get it running, all right! Aaron needed a new hobby, anyway. The drift was thick and very solid, but succomed to the the snowblower very nicely. Yes, I have read Giants in the Earth, and actually enjoyed it although the book club has banned it's reading - too much cold!

I have to say I'm a very far distance from going mad, as the poor pioneer housewife did in the book. Blessings such as a large, clean, heated house and television are aiding my sanity!